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    Will My Full Gp2x Sd Card Work On A Wiz?

    as in the emulators? or have all the f200 emus been changed for the wiz? thankxz...
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    How Can I Change Mame's Built In Pause Button To Another Button?

    anyway to do this with simple code changes? or do I need to be a linux master or something. i cant stand the current pause and flip screen controls.
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    New Mame Gp2x 4.9 - F-200 Fix

    Works great!!!!
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    Qbert Wont Work With New D-pad

    cant do nothing but watch his ass die!
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    Mame32 Wont Work On New F200 Unit

    I goto run mame on the new gp2x f200 and all i get is a black screen and a loud hum. anyone know why?? thankxz