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  1. Aninhumer

    Improvements To The Pnd System

    First of all, I'd point out that like most people here, I don't actually have my Pandora, so my comments are based only on what I've read. Anyway... In my opinion, the PND system is an excellent idea, but one which is currently not serving the purpose it was designed for as well as it could...
  2. Aninhumer

    Quick Script For Automated Setup

    Despite the development of the PND system, I've seen quite a few people being confused by file placement already. This could be solved by a quick script that checks if the files exist, and prompts for their location otherwise. I'm sure many devs are working on much more important bugs, so I...
  3. Aninhumer


    I've been working on a script to convert the game files for the CLANNAD Visual Novel to a format playable with the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine. I was looking at porting the xclannad interpreter to Pandora, but when I had to manually caste some variables to even get it to compile on x86 and...
  4. Aninhumer

    How To Deal With The Newbs?

    As I'm sure most people are aware, there have been a lot of newb posts recently, and I'm sure there will be waves like this in the future. In my opinion, these posts tend to cause a lot more chaos than they perhaps should. By making this topic, I'm hoping there can be a constructive discussion...
  5. Aninhumer

    Another Badly Researched Gp2x Article!

    EDIT: I think my post's title is rather harsh, if any mod wants to change (If that's possible) it to something like: "More GP2X coverage, still a bit flakey" Or even, if you want "I am a harsh, flaming idiot who posts anal things about GP2X coverage!"
  6. Aninhumer


    EDIT: This topic is now discussing what to put in the first proper .torrent. Emus: ++DrMDx +SquidgeSNES +gp2xMAME ++Gnuboy Games +Urquan masters +Vektar +TileMatch +Beat2x (+ = 1 vote, I will stay impartial) The test (gp2x.torrent 0.1b?) with Sonistar was successful! Thanks :)
  7. Aninhumer

    Alternative Updater

    Can Robsters 1.2.1 firmware updater be used with the cramfs firmware, and if not is there an alternative updater for the cramfs firmware as my SD card doesn't want to update. (Also should my GP2X boot fine after the cramfs_flash.gpu has been run?) I hope this hasn't been covered already, *dons...
  8. Aninhumer

    Comix Zone

    This is another review from my review blog. Thank you who ever put my other one on the homepage. :D From what I can tell from the pictures (most text in Japanese) the storyline is that a cartoonist gets trapped in his own comic by some random evil dude, he then has to work his way through...
  9. Aninhumer

    Alien Storm

    I have made my own review blog, I will try and post all my reviews on here (I don't know how many I wil do). Here's my first review: This is one of the few games I've downloaded that has an element of nostalgia, I remember playing this on our After School Club's Megadrive. (We still had that...
  10. Aninhumer

    Gbax Down?

    What has happened to Is it just me? Is this just to create more hype around the competition? Also when will the results come through?
  11. Aninhumer

    Gadget Show

    I was watching a review on "The Gadget Show" about Personal Video Players, and I realised that the Gp2x would have won hands down. ---- //skip below for Gp2x relevant content They compared the iPod, the Agwiug... (or something, it was a movie player that recorded off TV), and the PSP??? I...
  12. Aninhumer

    Flash Player?

    Would it be possible to create a flash player for the Gp2x. Obviously Macromedia's Flash player is not open source, but the GplFlash project is. I realise that GplFlash is not compatible with newer formats, but if we could play flash on the Gp2x -- even only older formats -- we would have a lot...