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  1. Kippykip

    Exagear is dead

  2. Kippykip

    Google Chrome is flagging sites that have "uncommon downloads" now

    Ah yes, Googles screwing with the open source community once again. Basically this byuu dudes site has a big warning now because his new software posted has "uncommon downloads". Like yeah no sh*t, it was just released. Doesn't seem to matter if the file has no virustotal issues or anything...
  3. Kippykip

    Pyra General release date?

    2 More Months™
  4. Kippykip

    Buying without credit card?

    I just used paypal myself
  5. Kippykip

    Exagear is dead

    I'll send you a DM
  6. Kippykip

    Exagear is dead

    I archived everything I could and put it on my website, I'll send you a DM!
  7. Kippykip


    Damn with the amount of the time the Pyra's been in development for, they're already going on their 3rd alteration
  8. Kippykip

    GAB releases a "Universal Comment Section" Extension

    I think dissenter would work on netflix as it, unless it doesn't change the url when you click on a movie or something. Also apparently gabs opened the registrations so dissenters a bit more active now I noticed.
  9. Kippykip

    1TB microSDXC card

    It's all fun and games until it springs out of a slot and falls somewhere on the carpet
  10. Kippykip

    GAB releases a "Universal Comment Section" Extension

    Thought this was pretty interesting, the makers of that Gab site (free speech twitter clone) recently released a beta browser extension called "dissenter" that basically adds a popup comment section on any website. Doesn't seem too bad but you need an invite code to make a gab account now...
  11. Kippykip

    Exagear is dead

    I've just archived everything together now including the entire email html (with links updated to use local files) It's about 4.16GB though all up which is too big for the hosting plan I'm with on my website, so maybe I could put a torrent together?
  12. Kippykip

    Exagear is dead

    Then don't discontinue the entire product all the sudden on a small deadline lmfao
  13. Kippykip

    Exagear is dead

    Yeah that'll be great, as I got exagear originally for the Pyra's release aswell and it would suck if it has to be cracked in order to be used now.
  14. Kippykip

    Exagear is dead

    Sure thing, one thing I'm wondering is the one use license key thing. I've formatted the raspberry pi I installed it on years ago since then. Can the key still be used despite the site saying it's a single use key? Or is there an online check? I really didn't use exagear much.
  15. Kippykip

    Exagear is dead

    I'm archiving everything from the email right now, I'll pm it after if you want.
  16. Kippykip

    Do you drive an automatic or manual car?

    I drive a manual unlike those lAzY miNELenials nowdaywas!
  17. Kippykip

    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    So are cases the last thing production wise now? I haven't been keeping track exactly what's left to be done.
  18. Kippykip

    It's the speed that counts.

    I haven't checked in here for a while but this is great news!
  19. Kippykip

    Dragonbox Pyra Discord : REBORN

    I'm still gonna use discord anyway lmao