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    Transfers... Tranzfers..

    Maybe I would not be able to buy a P after all and my reorder place in line, which was guaranteed once, means nothing any more because there's no choice but to gamble on a bank transfer. And that's exactly how it seems right now, you've said pretty much that. This stringalong business has gone...
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    Mail From Ed (with Estimated Shipping Dates)

    Well late october (original release estimate) to mid february is roughly 3.5 months, and sorry but given the fairly lengthy track record I don't expect it to be earlier than they say, actually, later. The fact that we've been playing catch-up so long is riling me. Many times have the estimates...
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    Mail From Ed (with Estimated Shipping Dates)

    QUOTE Guys, I really don't know where all the gloom is coming from. Originally we were going to start shipping at the end of November, with the rest of the orders shipping in December. Right now, if everything continues as it has been, we're looking at shipping out the first bunch in late...
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    Mame Running On Pandora. Video(s) Inside.

    Going from classics is elevator action in there? And Final Fight is one I would be playing a lot of ;) Doesn't seem to be a lot from .37 that could tax it from my quick browsing :D
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    Mame Running On Pandora. Video(s) Inside.

    Hi :) that's pretty spectacular, I wonder what games could push it most from whatever's available from 0.37. Basically I'd like to see something tax it. And for reference, just a guess off the top of your head- how far up the years could Pandora emulate coin ops close to fullspeed - I mean you...
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    Pandora Questions And Answers

    I would have preferred white. Even more cream with grey keys I'd love to buy a themed Pandora. I had a lot of fun on one of those, and this is the handheld equivalent. PS I had a lot of fun on one of these, and stuck up for it vehemently for it the first couple years, to my best friend...
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    Do The People Around Here Need To Chill Out?

    what is the problem with questioning the lack of real info is? I was under the impression I'd see a final working Pandora before preorder, and subsequently learned that it isn't going to happen, and learned now that our preorder money will be used to produce said Pandora. Now, how many...
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    Less Then A Week Until Preorders And No Finished Pandora

    No, I am thinking some kind of official advertisement of a finished unit, a look at the GUI actually doing something, an actual PANDORA. So, I don't mean to be a pain in the ass but I just assumed that everything would come together before we paid. And it hasn't. so, that's all. I guess I'll...
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    Less Then A Week Until Preorders And No Finished Pandora

    that's real mature. and productive. Blind faith will get you anywhere you want to be.
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    Less Then A Week Until Preorders And No Finished Pandora

    You're gonna censor 'unreasonable' posts? The problem I have which is genuinely making me hesitant to preorder after a very long wait and originally a very confirmed preorder, is that countless times there have been statements toward updates that either come 4 weeks late or not at all. Lately...
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    Cvg Post News Of Pandora!

    All this talk of C+VG.. I still have the annuals from 89-90- big fat A4s with plenty of retro classic reviews in there plus ads. One for the SUPER GRAFX, which I wanted pretty bad. Just as well I never saved up in time on that one ;) Took them to school to look through and talk about many...
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    Psx Emulator..................has Anyone Heard Anything?

    Sure. I'd like to see some Driver 2, Tony Hawks, Ridge Racer, GT2, Tomb Raider 2, R-Type Delta, Micro Machines V3, Tenchu 2, Tekken 3, or Metal Gear. Any of that particularly or anything at all will do! plus this later on, perhaps some of the different options?
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    Psx Emulator..................has Anyone Heard Anything?

    A while back there were supposed to be new updates soon. But they never appeared, I would love to see something too but they'll be here when they're ready, hopefully.
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    How Many Are Waiting For The Pandora

    I have been watching and waiting since I found out about the GP32 maybe about a year after launch, and though it sounded good, decided to hopefully wait for a successor. GP2X came around, and the great excitement turned to great disappointment in the first few months hearing of dodgy controls...
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    The 3000

    I'd love to have an Amiga beige n brown version. But I know that's not gonna happen.
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    Simplistic Backgrounds

    :) should have been "without sacrificing copability" Nice
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    ¿cómo Que No Habrá Ñ?

    Or: "Say not jilipoyes and to stops putting you with the Spaniards although the fault I I had it writing this crap of post, that close this to screw!! that I do not be able. "
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    Keyboard Poll, Finally!

    Well done on the poll and perseverance throughout. Looks like I'm with the majority so far, it will be interesting to see what others think.
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    Can Pandora Charge Through Its Usb Port?

    :o I think that seals the lol files deal Sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to say there. :)
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    Your Conditions For Getting A Pandora

    I hope I can preorder, but need to have the money which may be a problem. I have faith in it, they know what kind of things hampered the 2X, and have said all along it will be done when it's done. Remember the original estimate of release was way back. All this time has been put into making sure...