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    Gamepark Files Bankruptcy

    Translated From Some Korean Site From Wikipedia So
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    Gp2x Thunder Power Pack (new 3600mah Battery)

    From Google translation from site This thing looks awesome who doesn't want this sticking out of their GP2X??
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    How To Make Gmenu2x Default To A List

    I was wondering if when Gmenu2x started up it was possible to have it display a list by default. You know to make a selector for an emulator. Not really sure what to edit for that. And I have been playing with gmenu and know how to make lists from all the zips in a directory. But how can I...
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    Gp2x Operation Pics

    I for one would love to see some pics of the GP2X assembly line. Company pics and maybe some more background on GPH and its employees. I know that EvilDragon and Craigx have been to Korea and was wondering if either of you had some inside pics that we could possibly see. I would also love to...
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    Is It Possible To Port Windows Ce Now ?

    I don't know much about development of apps or porting, but people always said if you have the source it is possible and supposedly the source for the CE kernel has been released.
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    Article In Popular Science

    Was in the bathroom reading when I saw this. It's almost like the GP2X got a free 1 page ad in one of the most popular nerd magazines in America. Kinda cool I think. Click for full Size PDF. I just wish they would have shown some cooler games or got an MK2 for the photo.
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    Configuring Dosbox

    Can I just edit the Dosbox .gpe (named whatever the game is) with a standard text editor like notepad ? Or is their a special editor I should use ? I usually use Crimson Editor for all my web stuff and it seems to be better about the formatting . I have a lot of games on my to do list so I...
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    So Addicted To Mario For Ds

    Is it weird that I feel like I am cheating on my GP2X whenever I start up my DS? I have to put the GP in her case so she doesn't get jealous . But on subject Mario for DS ROX , anyone else currently playing it and/or addicted to the minigames ??
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    Squidges New Site

    I have been working on and off the last week on a new site for squidge with more features and it's own file archive for up to date builds . He is busy right now and hasn't added any files or started to mess with his bug tracker for his software . You can find his...
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    Gngeo Config Setting For Mslug 1-5

    I was wondering if anyone knows the best config options for MSlug 1-5 . As of now I cannot get anything to run full speed with sound even at 11250 sample rate and overclocked to 250mhz . So far cmdLine=./ 250 ./gngeo -Crashes to...
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    Anyone Want To Buy The Rights To All Of Acclaims Games? good luck :lol: open source them all !
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    The Official Sony Bombed At E3 Thread

    If any of you watched the press conferece tonight you would know how disgraceful it was . You can get the download here (after they post it ) They showed some weak ass games and a GT HD demo . They only showed like 5 playable demos and most of them sucked...
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    Getting A Port Of Zelda Classic I had started a thread over on their forums about a week ago and i feel like an idiot trying to explain development things that I can barely grasp . From what I can determine Zelda Classic was made using Allegro and their is a development...
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    2nd Processor As Gpu

    Now I have no idea the actual differences in architecture between a standard arm processor and an older GPU . But what I was thinking about is that every time a GPU is explained to me people ussually say it is basically a second processor devoted to 3d rendering . So what I was thinking about...
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    Homm 5 If their are any fames of the Heros of Might and magic lineup you shoud definetly get the demo . It is really good , like crazy good , like crazy super ultra good . I think i know what I will be doing this summer :D
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    7 Stickies Vs. 8 Topics Equals :(

    Seriously the stickies are out of control . Stickies we can lose are . 1.)Startup sound topic . WTF?? :blink: 2.)How To Ask For Improvements Or New Features topic . Ok I know that people are dicks about asking for shit , but a sticky ?? come on just have this in the basic info faq ...
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    Emuboards New Guide

    LINKED It is only an update and it is kind of old news . But I think this is a good read for any level GP2X User . I thought I knew everything and it turns out that I was wrong . Like heres one thing . Did you know that while playing movies if you press the "Y" buton it switches the cpu...
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    60 Dollar Computer

    LINKED I want it but i don't know why . It uses a standard 3.5 inch drive that is upgradable too .
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    New Web Server Is Cool

    Just follow this guide here to get your GP2X connected to your computer .LINKED Then drag whatever non-dynamic web files into \\gp2x\gp2x\usr\gp2x\www\ and type in into your browser window . I know it is a feature built into the firmware , but still pretty cool . So who is going...
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    Steven Colbert Rips On The President Wow you could cut the tension with a knife . I am trying to find the full speech . That looks like one pissed off president though . Ohh and F*CK Bush LINKED full version thanks to shikaku