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    Official Wii Launch Details

    If anyones interested on the Euro launch thought it might be a bit cheaper... Games a re a good price though.. WarioWare: Smooth Moves (just after launch). Third-party: around 15-20 games from launch. Red Steel. Rayman. Need for Speed Carbon. Tony Hawk. Super Monkey Ball. Date: 2006...
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    Ps3 Vs Wii

    PS3 vs Wii Right thats it im getting a wii now.
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    Reccomendme 2 Player Ds Download Play Games

    Right i now have in posession 2 DS's Looking for some fun 2 player games that support download play only one DS hosting a cart. I have Tetris, Mario Kart, and New Super MArio Bros.. Was thinkinking of metroid hunters but not sure if that would be as fun if only 2 of you playing.. same goes...
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    Aprils Fools

    I april foolsed myself today .. just had a cup of coffee only to start drinking it to find out i had actually made a cup of onion gravy...yuck! ..... with the last of my milk :(
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    Holy Games Collection Batman insane :D
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    Cool Retro Ds Mod

    Pretty nice.. not as fugly as it currently is.
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    Ultimate Boys Toy I want one :P
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    Which Of These 3 Cases Looks Best

    Trying to decide on a Home Theatrer PC case, have narrowed it down to these 3 but can't decide which one i like the look of best.. NOte the horrible blue noen can be disabled on case 3 CASE 1 CASE 2 CASE 3
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    Heads Up Animal Crossing Wifi

    Login into the nintendo wifi network today ;)
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    Nintendo Ds Screen Protectors

    Right ive gone from barely touching my ds for months to i can't put the damn thing down and am starting to worry about wear/scratches to the screen. What screen protectors do you use or recommend cheerz
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    Nintendirevolution Advert Uncovered Edit is it possible to edit a subject title, bloody finger slipped and fucked the subject title :rolleyes:
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    Revoloution To Get A Global Release

    Well it would be nice wouldn't it... just have to wait and see Globlal release
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    Anyone Need A Job?
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    Next time you go to google type 'failure' in the field and select "im feeling lucky" you may find the result rather amusing, if not fitting.
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    Nintendo Wifi Network Up On 15 Nov

    For those with DS's and no charges :) NINTENDO CREATES AN EASY, ACCESSIBLE VIDEO GAME NETWORK – AND IT'S FREE On Nov. 14, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Ushers in New Era of Free Wireless Gaming REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 5, 2005 – On Nov. 14, Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection will begin a new era of easy...
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    Looks Like The Summer Weather Finally Gone ...

    Dunno anywhere else in the but still been pretty warm in London up till now.. Now i'll need i need more than a t-shirt to go out... Anywhere else in the UK still warm are we surely heading towards winter Worst still the sudden change has brought me down with a sodding cold first one in a...
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    Xbox 360 Price Revealed

    Now if it this price im sorely tempted to get them. If only to use it as multimedia box for the my TV with HDTV support (oh and it can play some rather nice looking game too ;) ). If they are releasing at this price point with all that power early on i reckon they could be on to a bit of...
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    Holy Shit! Godspeed!

    Just downloaded a 3.4 gig file in under 9mins!!!!! :blink: Only got an 8mb connection.. max i should get is around 900k/sec I hit and i kid you not averaged 7.5 meg/sec this was while having other downloads running and surfing!!! :blink: see 7.95mibs thats 7.95 meg a sec on Direct...
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    For All You Sensi Soccer Fans
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    Chav Cars

    If your easily shocked do not click this link