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  1. Ian J

    Music Library Manager Sofware

    Anyone have software recommendations to manage a music library and sync the files to an mp3 player? The user is technophobic so needs a user friendly GUI and needs an all in one solution, i.e. it rips the files from CD's, names them accordingly and syncs the files on their mp3 player when it's...
  2. Ian J

    BBC Computer Literacy Project 1980-1989

    Lots of BBC TV computer programmes from their archives.
  3. Ian J

    Netflix Joins "Tax-Efficient" Tech Elite With UK Bill of £0

    Source: They took £23.5 million in subscriptions and got a tax rebate of £174k. I can't put onto words how angry this makes me.
  4. Ian J

    C256 Foenix Project - The C64/C128 long lost brother
  5. Ian J

    My New Favourite Youtuber - By Mr Biffo

    Excellent article.
  6. Ian J

    Legendary Cover Artist Bob Wakelin Passes Away His artwork was the backdrop to my youth, C64, ZX Spectrum Amiga.
  7. Ian J

    Apple confirms it's intentionally slowing down iPhones with old batteries I'm really surprised this hasn't blown up more on the internet. Surely it's up to the end user if they want to have shorter battery life over CPU performance.
  8. Ian J

    Sega Dreamcast, Saturn And Mega Drive Hardware Coming From Retro-Bit in 2018 Interested to see what kind of compatibility these have.
  9. Ian J

    eBay - Self Image Hosting Suggestions

    We currently use the free server space from our ISP for hosting images on our eBay items (also use eBays free images but they can be compressed and look poor) eBay have now said that these need to be on https server and as the space is free our ISP isn't going to move it over to https so we...
  10. Ian J

    Turn your smartphone into a Game Boy with Hyperkin’s Smartboy

    Interesting idea but sounds like it has some design issues.
  11. Ian J

    AtGames' Sega Genesis Flashback Console - Reviews

    Thought I'd post these in case anyone is thinking of putting down some hard earned cash on one.
  12. Ian J

    The Ultimate-64! Thought this was the C64 equivalent of the Spectrum Next but it looks lacking. HDMI output but with SD resolution seems pointless.
  13. Ian J

    Circuit Layout Software

    I'm looking for some free software to layout and print basic circuits so that I can etch them myself. Nothing too fancy just single sided stuff. I'm sick of using veroboard and want to try and make the circuits a bit cleaner. Any recommendations?
  14. Ian J

    Theresa May promises a British version of Iran's Halal Internet

    This can't be true:
  15. Ian J

    Podcast Software for Windows

    I'm hoping some can help with this as I'm an avid podcast listener and it looks like feedburner have changed something as my current software (which is no longer in development) works. My current software of choice PodPuppy hasn't been in development for a number of years. The one thing it did...
  16. Ian J

    Commodore 64 - help with repair needed

    I got one of the C64's from @sm0kew0n a while ago and finally got everything set up to run it. Unfortunately all I got was a screen of garbled characters and then a black screen and that's all I now get. Anyone know where I can get a diagnostic cartridge and associated cables? Failing that...
  17. Ian J

    Pandora Repo - Issues?

    Tried to add a comment to a download just now and I can't login, I thought I was using the wrong password (even though I double checked) so reset it and I still can't login. I do have tracking and ad blockers but even disabling all of those I couldn't login. The site shows my name next to the...
  18. Ian J

    Raspberry Pi 3

    Jane bought me one of these for Christmas and I'm loving tinkering with it. I've set up a couple of MicroSD cards with emulators but I'm after some inspiration for what else to do. Would really like to get into coding, can anyone recommend a book for the absolute beginner.
  19. Ian J

    MAME Build - PC or Raspberry Pi 3

    Looking to build a MAME / Console emulator for use on our main screen. Been tempted to use a Raspberry Pi 3 but read that the Pi can struggle with multiple CPU games (Sega, Capcom etc) For emulation I understand it's all about CPU power but as the Pandora has shown expert programmers will defy...
  20. Ian J

    Tablet Recommendation?

    Thinking of buying a tablet to take on holiday, anyone got one they'd recommend? Looking to use it for browsing the net and reading magazines/comics.