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  1. Mjlink Store Update

    Hello everyone, As we come up on the two year anniversary of Pandoras appearing in the wild, and the one year anniversary of opening, I'd like to just give a quick update on the state of the shop. The stock of Tiny-BoBs and EXT Connectors is at a critical level, I ordered a...
  2. Mjlink

    Open Pandora Reborn @ Global Components For anyone missing this on the other forum, enjoy, and give it a Like in YouTube if you do of course!
  3. Mjlink

    Special Edition Pandoras From & Evildragon Now $529

    So yes, I'm cross posting to see if anyone is interested in getting 1 of 3 limited edition Pandoras from the Pandora ReBirth in Germany. I'll be flying these back to the US on March 1st and shipping March 2nd. These units include a brand new, fresh off the assembly and testing line Open Pandora...
  4. Mjlink Catastrophic Database Failure

    For anyone who was looking to take advantage of the Cyber Monday thru Chinese New Year Sale, currently going on, the site should be back up shortly. My hosting company's engineers are working to restore a catastrophic database failure. Orders are still shipping. Thanks for the support everyone!
  5. Mjlink

    $69 Icontrolpad In The Us Ready To Ship

    I have a few iControlPads of the Universal Clamp type ready to ship for $59 + shipping over at my shop: Take advantage of the other items on sale while your at it! Happy Solstice!
  6. Mjlink

    Premium Pandora For Sale

    RMAd once for faulty case Premium Pandora ordered February 2010. It came back super solid and I've been using it since. I'm parting with it for financial reasons and to make somebody's holiday season happy. $450 US plus shipping for Pandora alone $500 Used 32GB SDHC Card, new ear bud or ear...
  7. Mjlink Cyber Monday Sale Thru Friday

    Buy any i-Ecko product, support Green Goods, and get one FREE. Give the gift of Green this Holiday Season! 40% OFF ALL Pelican Products Buy any UnderWater Kinetics case and get your pick of a FREE i-Ecko product. Pay full price during initial purchase, and card will only be charged the...
  8. Mjlink

    Green Box Sale!

    Hey everyone! Figured this discount might apply to some people in this community regarding handhelds in general. What I am offering is the UnderWater Kinetics UltraBox 308 or 408 and I-Ecko Green goods earbuds, earclip headphones, or speakers for a 20% discount when purchased together. Canoon...
  9. Mjlink

    Droid X

    I want to dump Verizon. Great condition, no issues, no scratches or major cosmetic damage, it's been in a Zagg shield since I had it. Serious inquiries PM me an offer of at least $100, highest will be considered, but I need a bit of patience for me to get a replacement phone from Credo. 8GB...
  10. Mjlink

    Brand New Pandoras For Sale

    Ready to ship immediately, Brand New Open Pandoras. Premium Pandora units are unopened. Limited Stock. $519 + shipping (US Only)
  11. Mjlink

    Us Based Pandora Shoppe

    Hello All, I'm not a big poster in this forum as of late, but I would still like feedback. This site will be live shortly. I will not stock any Pandora specific parts until after Batch 1 is complete. I appreciate all responses. Peace & Pandora, Link
  12. Mjlink


    When I read EDs Blog post a few days back he mentioned Ginge, I used the Search function and found out a good bit about it under the Wiz section of the forums. I'm just curious as to what this will do for the Pandora. For instance, my 2nd SD card slot is my old SD card from my GP2X. Will I be...
  13. Mjlink

    Openliero: Digging

    On the Dingoo its real easy to dig the tank through dirt. I can't figure it out on the Pandora. Am I an idiot or is all this scissor hash rotting my brain? Peace & Pandora, Link
  14. Mjlink

    Xfce Bootup Issue

    With Hotfix 2 I was booting to MiniMenu. When I would go to XFCE I was being prompted for: Enter password for default keyring to unlock The application 'NetworkManager Applet' (/usr/bin/nm-applet) wants access to the default keyring, but it is locked. Password: I'm not sure how this...
  15. Mjlink

    Psyclone Psp Charger For Pandora?

    I just picked up a Psyclone charger from Target. Model PX4502, $19.99 plus state/local tax. It includes a car charger, usb to usb, & a wall charger. Should I open this and try it? Has anyone else? Or take it back? Thanks! Peace & Pandora, Link
  16. Mjlink

    Red Wifi Light?

    I ripped my Pandora Open the other day not too long after running hotfix 2. My Red WiFi light didn't work out of the box. After putting the Pandora back together after shaving down my A button, today I turn on WiFi & now Red Light is in effect. Anyone have any insight? Peace & Pandora, Link
  17. Mjlink

    Opening It Up?

    So I'm going to remove the battery and the bolts around it on the back. Anything I need to be concerned with when opening this thing up to see if my A button is seated properly? Thanks in advance! Peace & Pandora, Link
  18. Mjlink


    I've downloaded this with multiple browsers and multiple sites, still can't get my SD card to willing accept the file. On the drag/drop with MAC OS/X I get a white ghostbuster symbol not allowing the drag into SD:/pandora/menu What's up? Peace & Pandora, Link
  19. Mjlink

    Hard Bombproof Pandora Case

    Pelican's new Micro Cases have an automatic pressure purge valve, are submersible to 50 feet, dust proof and crushproof. Pelican makes two different versions of this case. Clear Case, has a rubber base that is removable. Only recommend the Clear case to those who have the Black/White case...
  20. Mjlink


    Fennec is on Pandora but it won't fly. PP