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    Where are the old folk of GP32?

    Seeing even Skeezix here, I just had to at least drop a line :) Coded only a few pieces on the GP32 and released even less, but the memories are still fond. Nice to see the people are still there and remembering.. Iorgy77: Good to see you are still alive albeit otherwise inert ;)
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    Just bought a GP32

    Wow, has it been 13 years since I bought my first GP32? :) Its such a rush of nostalgia seeing new owners (and the oldtimers like Slaanesh ;-)) now. And my login is still working! To topic: the SMC cards usually were sold with the protective case, right? They seem to be pretty pricey these days...
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    Where To Find Gp32 Blu+ ?

    That is right, you won't be able to tell whether it is BLU or BLU+ from the device and its packing itself. I used to have a FLU and have a BLU+ so I cannot really compare, but as far as I remember, the BLU+ "feature" was more on the annoyance side. Not worth getting for any other reason than...
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    This Is Just Sad.

    You tell me. I loved the GP32 even after buying the GP2X. Then the idea of a Craginator or Pandora appeared and I was all into it. Met a girl. Kept talking about the Pandora to be. Got engaged. Kept talking about the Pandora to be and preordered. Years passed. Split up cancelling the engagement...
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    Another One Video-Per-Day

    Pickle: Haha, it is so funny when you keep up your persistence trying to tug sugar pies out of a thrash can ;) I am not sure I can see your intentions, but I suppose you are dealing with something like a split personality here, so power to you. Have you ever thought about the career of a...
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    I Tried To Cancel My Order A Few Months Back

    I too got no answer for my first cancellation mail so I waited about a month and sent them another mail. This time the reaction was quick and I got the money back in a few days (minus the paypal fee). So I recommend that you send another one or two mails, they might have missed the first one.
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    When Will I Get My Pandora? (Line 1000-1100)

    I hear you. I waited for about three years, was twice told my queue number was 1000-1100 and when my unit was apparently sold to someone who did not have to wait a month but did have the extra money, I had enough and cancelled. As I waited for the Pandora since the first ideas about it appeared...
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    Gp2X F200

    I would be interested, not at the current price though. Would be happy with just the console, as I already have a F100 and want this for development. Should the price drop reasonably and you are stuck with it, PM me.
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    Don't worry, last time I asked I was between 1100-1200 and not a word since then except that many people ordered more than one pandora, up to 10. Look at the bright side, you lent OP money for 2 years so that they can now sell your pandora to someone who comes and gives them more. Now the...
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    Release Riot Tag-Team Coding Competition

    Cool idea, I especially like the part that people have to team up. Besides allowing for new connections to be made it also somewhat ensures better quality when work is divided. Just out of curiosity as I have no idea if I manage anything, would a demo (meaning a trial version) of a game be...
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    Help With The Name Of A Tank Game - Atari 800

    Would any 8bit Atarist here recall the name of the game in which you controlled a tank from a top-down perspective? All I can remember was that you progressed from the bottom of the screen to the top and the screen scrolled along as you did. Also I vaguely remember some kind of a space shuttle...
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    GP32X Needs You!

    I think I am beautiful which should make me a mod in an instant. I am also a genius ;) (J.O.K.E.) But I'd rather see more of Alex and Torpor.
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    Gp2X Tv-Out Giveaway ! Gp32 Boxed Games! Gp32 Chatboard!

    Hah, you tell me Skeezix. I am slowly preparing for moving so I have been selling and giving away things I had hoarded over the years. Recently I found a GP32 GP Link I apparently never even unpacked. Same goes for my GP2X TV-Out cable, but I hope I will sometime use it. Funny how one have to...
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    Gp2X Tv-Out Giveaway ! Gp32 Boxed Games! Gp32 Chatboard!

    I don't need any tv out cable as I have one which I have never used, but just wanted to word my appreciation of your way of cleaning the house :)
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    Release Hatari (Atari St Emu) 1.4.0 Released

    If you like adventure games, try Grandad and The Quest for The Holey Vest. I finished it in CaSTaway and it was really amusing. Recommended.
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    Which Emulated Games Have You Completed On Panda/caanoo/wiz?

    I think I finished Draconus on the GP32/Atari800 once again. But my fondest memories are of beating Flashback and Blackthorne on the GP2X. Several Dizzy games in OutcaST/CaSTaway. Plus some others I cant recall now. And I am still missing a fully working copy of Metal Mutant for Atari ST...
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    Which Emulated Games Have You Completed On Panda/caanoo/wiz?

    Why oh why are you not asking also about the GP32/GP2X Skeezix? :(
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    Remember Me?

    Glad to hear you are back and well, man. Now you can fully enjoy your Pandora (and a few mundane things as well of course ;))
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    Melbourne, Australia Hands On With A Pandora Tonight!

    Yes, it was just a poor joke and I didnt realize anyone but Iorgy would take notice of it. I wish I were nearer and could participate though.. I am sure you got it right ;)
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    Melbourne, Australia Hands On With A Pandora Tonight!

    Count me in! ;) So now you have a Pandora, huh?