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  1. sepulep

    display link change of resolution

    I noticed that changing the resolution with the displaylink driver fails. for example, I turn on the display with the monitor attached it detects the 1024x768 resolution. If i set the modelines etc in the xorg for 800x600 it will allow you to change through the xfce display setting, but the...
  2. sepulep

    USB webcam issue

    I have got an issue with a usb digital miscroscope: when connecting it registers, and pandora generates a /dev/video0 however, when trying to use this (with e.g. mplayer), its reported as busy and program will abort. after this the /dev/video0 is gone (and the lsusb no longer reports the...
  3. sepulep

    music player locale problems

    I have a recurring problem with some musicplayers (qmmp, audacious), namely that they refuse to open files with non-ascii characters (e.g. úíë etc) there a solution to this?? (setting a different system locale?)
  4. sepulep

    non destructive battery replacement

    I got a new battery for my caanoo - now the old battery has some life in it still so I want to place it in another gadget..the thing is: does someone have a suggestion how to unglue it from the backplate w/o destroying the battery?
  5. sepulep

    Release Pentobi

    Pentobi Pentobi is a computer opponent for the board game Blokus. In this game, four players place pieces similar to the pieces of the computer game Tetris on a 20×20 board. Pentobi also supports the game variants for two or three players and the game variants Duo, Trigon, Junior and Nexos. If...
  6. sepulep

    Go Pack

    Go Pack Collection of (Java) GUIs and engines to play Go. Two java based GUIs are included, GoGui: - supports the GTP protocol (Fuego and GnuGo). - to connect an engine select programs -> new program, and enter "gnugo --mode gtp" for GnuGo "fuego" for Fuego or point to your own engine...
  7. sepulep

    Release Still Yet Another Sokoban

    A sokoban clone, find it here..
  8. sepulep

    Release Xwiimote, a wiimote library and mouse driver

    here is the xwiimote library and driver compiled for pandora, it seems to work here but needs testing (so beware it may still crash hard) note that you need a new updated firmware (1.72 update 1, with bluez 4.99) at the moment it acts as mouse driver through IR with a wiimote (needs sensor bar...
  9. sepulep

    18/10+19/10 firmware updates: breaking compatibility (mistake?)

    I really appreciate the work done on updating the firmware, but the latest feed update is giving me a lot of trouble... about 1/3th  of the PND is not working either not running or crashing the system..I am not complaining (after all there is a warning on the incremental update post..),  but I...
  10. sepulep

    guarding against sd corruption

    so a few days i noticed some popping when playing an ogg on my pandora - turns out the sd card was getting bad.. the thing is I only noticed this by comparing file contents against a backup and checking with ogginfo: the filesystem itself checked out ok; no dmesg errors or anything. Now what got...
  11. sepulep

    mpv, SDL2 and accelerated YUV conversions

    I am trying to get mpv (mplayer fork) working. For the moment only the xv driver works at reasonable speed. xv has a few problems though, no tv-out and crashes with --fixed-vo (gapless play for playlists). Looking at alternative: I tried compiling with SDL2 (form codeblocks) this is almost ok...
  12. sepulep

    mplayer optimizations and omapfb for mpv

    I am working on a compile of mpv to handle the changes of youtube (https streams) - so far it seems to work :)  . I am wondering if/where  there are any pandora specific patches (eg to get the omapfb, which is nice for tv out) which I could try to port?? (maybe somebody can point me to these?)
  13. sepulep

    Pandora accessing file in pnd when appdata version exists

    probably I am overlooking something obvious, but what is the way to access a file on the pnd for which a version in the appdata overlay exists? or a way to remove the latter?
  14. sepulep

    Release The Tube

    The Tube A freeware minimalistic youtube browser based on youtube-dl and mplayer. 01012019 - build 20 - update youtube-dl, since menu update didn't work here; may need cleanup of appdata/thetube dir 01012018 - build 19 - update youtube-dl - allow use of mplayer from panplayer2, this improves...
  15. sepulep

    USB SD mass storage question

    I encountered the following weird behaviour: - I mounted an sdcard (the system disk, booted from SD) through a USB connection on a linux machine (using USB SD mass storage item in the applet) - then I created a file in the root of the card - then unmount - l look for the file on the...
  16. sepulep

    boot slow at "starting udev"

    this has been a (minor) bother for a while: my pandora hangs for 30-40 sec at boot on "starting udev" It didn't used to (1.52) but on the current firmwre it this normal?
  17. sepulep

    Release Qutecom

    new and updated on the repo. It is a bit rough, and will work best with a headset (otherwise volume is a bit low).  A problem has been reported on connection ("your profile could not be loaded"), but I have not been able to reproduce this - let me know if you encounter this issue (or other issues)
  18. sepulep

    device number of sd card if booting from sd card

    As I understood that the device number (so mmcblk0 or mmcblk1) of the sd cards is not guaranteed to point to either left or right slot, but is this also the case when booting from sdcard? I want to enable a swap partition, but I was wondering if this is safe to enable this in /etc/fstab by using...
  19. sepulep


    I put a post in the emulation subforum, but in case you didnt see it: you can find a new port of dosbox here and an example config. cheers!