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    Pandora How To Write A Well-Behaved Pnd Program?

    So I'm currently looking at and trying to find out how to write a program that will behave nicely when packaged as a PND. The system itself is decently specified, but what exactly is required from the application programmer is left kind of implicit, so I thought...
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    Same default theme for unregistered and registered users

    I just registered, and was a bit surprised that the board theme changed as soon as I logged in. Seems that unregistered users get the "Pandora" theme, while new users have "openHanhelds"(sic) as default?
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    How Fast Can We Make It Boot?

    Interesting article about making desktop Linux boot up in five seconds over here: Now five seconds is crossing into what I'd call very excellent, so I was wondering how applicable this would be to the Pandora? I'd expect the SoC hardware to be fast to initialize...