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    Beta Comix 4.0.4

    Python uses the sys.path variable to search for imports. If all the Python files lie in one folder, you could probably just put the library there as well, as the directory of the running script is usually in sys.path. Otherwise you could make a folder for the extra libraries and set the...
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    Pandora Powering Usb Hard Disks ?

    Check out mindlord's video. He says he could power an 1.8 inch drive directly, and he has a neat power supply thing that could power a larger drive.
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    Are My Permissions Set Incorrectly?

    That sounds like the same problem as in This is a bug in the file manager, Thunar. Try following puppydee's advice of setting the view mode to "View as icons".
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    Coders, Good Work So Far But One Tiny Request..

    If you don't want to mount, e.g. 7zip supports ISO images, and you can use unsquashfs to list and get files from SquashFS images.
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    Wifi Latency

    Instructions for disabling power saving on the N900: "sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off" sounds worth testing.
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    The Box

    Both the PND and PXML spec clearly call it an 'icon'. Someone should fix the developers. :P Doesn't seem to give full URIs currently. HEAD requests give me 404.
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    The Box

    That looks usable for search results and general listings, yeah. Why not use the language a key for the localisations? I kind of wish applications were grouped by PND file, but I see the unique PND ID is deprecated for per-application... Maybe "image" should be "icon" - and maybe there should...
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    Ok, Guys

    Agreed. The robustness principle is nice where it applies, but accepting invalid data and then forwarding it to every client isn't robust at all.
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    The Jungle Of Opengl, Where To Start?

    I don't think there's any excuse for using glBegin in an introduction to OpenGL written in the last eight years. Lots of 'production code' out there seems to use immediate mode exclusively, in large part due to its use being propagated through beginner's tutorials like NeHe.
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    Pandora Pancake Pandora Sdk Survey

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    Pandora Converting Angstrom Apps To Pnds

    Ouch. I'll have to criticise a couple of points here: For one thing, I don't think you should make assumptions on the exact directory your PND will be mounted to, this is not guaranteed by the specification. You should use the directory of the script, or the current working directory. Secondly...
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    Guide: Putting Firmware Applications On The Desktop

    You need to be root to write to "~/Desktop"? :huh: That's a bit unusual.
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    Invisible Shield Screen Protector Sale Monday

    My DS screen got scratched up pretty badly just by normal stylus use. Maybe a grain or sand or something got stuck on the stylus tip. The screen actually became a lot clearer again after applying a screen protector. No degradation in brightness that I notice, and no air bubbles. I changed the...
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    How Many In Total?

    How else could you read it? :huh: Maybe enthusiastic, like "No mould change needed, YEAH!!!" Or in a Yoda voice? "No mould, change needed, yes."
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    How Many In Total?

    We don't know how long the wait will be, or how much production can be sped up, though. If you're the very next in line it will probably introduce a delay, but it could be a win for the later parts of the first batch, all depending. If they can at least fix the shoulder button issue, that's an...
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    Starting Telnetd

    That listing clearly includes Dropbear, though.
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    Read This First Before Hacking/Modifying your Pandora

    I'm sorry, but I can't see spreading potential misinformation as a good thing, even if you do err on the safe side. It's hard enough to sift the official statements from the speculation around here without going around posting pseudo-authoritative advice willy-nilly. The links are good. Sourced...
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    How Are All The Linux Newbies Coping?

    That's Slackware for you. I hope you walked into it with both eyes open.
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    Pandora Compiling For Pandora (Tcc?)

    Clang claims to be faster and use quite a bit less memory than GCC.
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    How Are All The Linux Newbies Coping?

    And the thread fills up with Linux users. :rolleyes: Sorry, just adding to the noise, I know.