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    I Can't View New Posts

    When I try to view new posts that are a few pages into the topic, I get the following error message: "Sorry, some required files are missing, if you intended to view a topic, it's possible that it's been moved or deleted. Please go back and try again." Has anyone else encountered this and how...
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    Emulation Frame Rates

    I'm thinking of selling my GP32 and getting a GP2X. I just wanted to know what the frame rate is like on DrMD on the GP2X because the only thing imperfect about the GP32 version was the frame rate. Megadrive games usually ran at 60fps on the actual console but on the GP32 they ran at around...
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    What's So Good About Chrono Trigger?

    I've played Chrono Trigger after everyone has been going on about it for years but I fail to see what makes it so special. I haven't got very far into it so maybe it gets better later on but so far it just seems like your typical RPG. It's a little boring at the moment and I the turn-based...
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    Super-japanese Games On Snes And Megadrive

    I love all those super-Japanese-looking games like Goeman Warrior (a.k.a. Legend Of The Mystical Ninja) with their bright, colourful, cutesy graphics and complete weirdness. Are there any other good ones for the SNES, Megadrive or PC Engine?
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    Fps Counter For Next Gpdoom?

    Craig, as you said Doom runs at 60fps at 166MHz with music turned off, could you possibly add an option to display the fps on the next version of GPDoom (if you're doing one) because I'm still not convinced mine runs at 60fps.
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    Doom 2 Crashes

    Why does my Doom 2 crash near the beginning of level 2? You kill the three guys on the platform, open the door to kill the other two guys in that room, open the door (actually they are vertical bars like a prison) on the left and kill the guy inside. When you walk into that 'prison cell'...
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    What's The Best Doom Wad?

    I've played the original Doom and Doom 2. Both are awesome. I've now downloaded Ultimate Doom. Is that any good and what about Doom 64? Are there any more? Also, why does Ultimate Doom have the first episode of Doom on it? Does that mean I can delete my shareware Doom from my GP?
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    How Do I Run These Programs?

    I've got GP32_Clockspeed_tester.rar, BloodCross102a.fpk and super_plusha_megagp_demo.fpk in my GPMM folder but they don't show up when I turn the GP32 on. How do I get them to work?
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    Do You Need The Original Bor To Use Mods?

    Do you need both files on the SMC to get a mod to work or can you just put the mod in?
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    Future Drmd Release?

    I seem to remember Reesy saying he will work on improving DrMD after putting in the new interface (which he has already done). I think he said he will improve the emulation. Is this true? It would be ace to get 60fps with sound at 166MHz.
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    What's The Difference Between Drmd And Fgen?

    I've got both Megadrive emulators and they both seem to run as well as each other.
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    Wavy Lines On The Screen

    Since I used Uniross rechargable 2300mA batteries, I noticed the screen sometimes has slight waves going across the screen at first. Usually after a while they go away. I didn't notice them with the unrechargable batteries that came with the GP. Is this nothing to worry about?
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    Where Do I Put Files?

    I don't know where to put some of the files for some applications. For example, where do I put Atari 2600 roms, Chu Chu Rocket, Bloody Cross, etc? There are no Readme files with these. Can anyone help?
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    How Do You Run Doom At 60 Fps?

    I read somewhere (I think JoyGP) that Doom 2 V9 can run at 60 frames per second and even 80 fps. I have a modded BLU that can go up to 166MHz but it doesn't run Doom anywhere near 60 fps. How do you do it?
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    Help Renaming Megadrive Roms For Drmd 1.0

    I've been trying to find out for over an hour how to rename my zipped roms so that DrMD will recognise them. I zip them myself with Winzip. For example, I have zipped Goldaxe1.smd to but it just comes up with a diamond shape when I load up the emulator. I've downloaded RomCenter but...
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    Can You Add Files To Commercial Game Cards?

    I have a 16MB Dungeon & Guarder SMC. Is it possible to add my own files to that card without removing the D&G game? How much space does D&G take up?
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    Gbax Are Great!

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for GBAX. I ordered a 166MHz BLU a few weeks ago but had to wait because they were out of stock (I knew this before I ordered so that was okay). It arrived yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I get my BLU and SMC reader/writer, they...
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    How Do You Play Snes Games With Four Buttons?

    The SNES pad has six buttons but the GP32 has only four. How do you play games like Street Fighter 2 and others that make use of all six buttons?
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    How Advanced Is Mame?

    I've read that GP32 MAME plays only very old games like Space Invaders. However, about a year ago, a British show called Gamezville featured a GP32 and they had Final Fight playing on it. It was a little slow and jerky but it seemed playable. Can GP32 MAME play games like this? I've just thought...
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    No Amiga Emulator?

    Is there an Amiga emulator available or in the works for the GP32? I haven't seen anything of it. I think it would be great to play all those ace Amiga games like Project X, Superfrog, Blood Money etc.