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    Pandora not booting up after zaxoon screen.

    Hi guys I sold my pandora and the buyer is claiming that the screen won't boot after the zaxoon screen. Any ideas what could be going wrong? Can I have a step by step (for a noob) to fix this. It was working before I sold it but I did format the sd card. When you try to do a flash can the...
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    Pandora Reduction £250 On Ebay sorry guys now sold, not sure how to edit title.
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    [SOLD] Pandora Reduction £250 on ebay.
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    Pandora For Sale

    Hey guys selling my pandora on eBay now if interested. Cheers
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    Pandora now on ebay if interested.

    My pandora is now up on ebay
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    Tv out cable update?

    hi ive not been following the scene for awhile and was just wondering if there had been updates on a tv out cable? Really cant wait to put this baby under the telly and use it as an all in one gaming setup.
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    Any gamma settings to reduce ghosting?

    Hi Was just wondering if anyone has got any gamma settings to help reduce the ghosting? It's really noticeable playing Mario. Cheers
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    Vice help

    Hi Ive just seen evil dragons vice video and you mentioned using an action reply cart. I've just obtained action reply 6.and I was wondering if you could give a quick guide on how to use it and it's benefits. Because I can mount the cartridge and get to the White screen with options but...
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    Has Anyone Managed To Get These Controllers Working

    To get a ps3 dual shock controller or a mad catz strretfighter arcade stick to work with their pandora?
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    Are My Nubs Dying Again?

    Hi I just received my 3rd pandora last week and was playing Mario when my left nub made a crunching sound and now feels a little scratchy. So far it still works but it's not as nice. Are these the new nubs? This is my 3rd pandora one was delivered faulty and the other my nub died now this...
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    Booting Into Mini Menu

    Hi is it possible to have the system boot into mini menu on start up automatically? If so how?
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    How To Get Anything To Run In Fuse?

    Hi being a c64 fanboy I'm not uSed to the spectrum at all. Anyway I can't seem to get anything to run it keeps saying something about lib spectrum! Any help would be great do I need bios or anything?
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    Using Chrome

    Hi been using chrome and it's a lot nicer than fennec etc. Anyways the problem I have is when downloading, I downloaded a file from the app store and it downloaded. However I cannot find the file and when I right click the finished download and click open in folder nothing happens. I've tried...
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    Anyway To Minimize Ghosting?

    Hi guys it's through greeted teeth I have to write this. I got my pandora today after the initial faulty one and it's fantastic. However the ghosting is awful! I play a lot of sensible soccer and it's really noticeable more so than my psp anyway of reducing this?
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    Vice Problems.

    Hi guys just got my pandora and I can't seem to find my disk images on vice. I am used to using fro do so sorry if I sound dud, do you need a specific file name or anything?
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    Broken Pandora!

    Hi I got my pandora today plugged it in and turned it on, but nothing. the red lint and green light is on and you can see a faint pandora logo but the screen is black like it's missing the backlight or something. Help?
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    Screen Question?

    Hi ive just got my wiz yesterday and i have a question about the screen. I'm new to oled displays but is the wiz screen kind of grainy? Its hard to explain basically in vice the blue screen isn't true blue it kinda has this grain to it, is this normal? Also how do you downgrade as the screen...
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    Get Mine Tomorrow Woo Hoo! Quick Question.

    Hey guys i'm getting my wiz delivered tomorrow! I'm not new to the scene owning the gp32 and gp2x and ive preordered the pandora. Anyways the question i have is it essential to update the firmware straight away? Whats new with the updated firmware. Also if anyone can give me pointers on what...
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    Sales Forgot shipping?

    I forgot to add my shipping address, as its different to my billing adress. Anyone else have this problem? What did you guys do?
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    Tv Picture Problem.

    This issue is starting to really stress me out. I have 2 different tv's but neither them is able to show the full screen when using my f200 in the cradle. Its a real big pain especially in the amiga emulator. Im missing from the bottom and on the sides. Playing around with the tv out option...