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    Bor Mod: Avp

    Has anyone else experianced this? Is it just a problem with the current bor or is there something up with my pak?
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    Removing The Case

    The 4 screws have been removed. The top half is free but the bottom half is doesn't seem to want to budge. What do you do? EDIT: just attacked it with gusto, it seperateed.
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    I've Just Noticed A Major Problem With The Headphone Jack. What Do

    I can't believe I haven't noticed this sooner, I've had my 2x pretty much since launch, I put in headphones and the speakers don't turn off. they do if I twiddle the pack in the socket but the problem returns as soon as I take my hand off it. So what do I do next? Ask for a repair? A...
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    Guerrilla War, P.o.w, Cabal Etc

    But when I try to open these games I get "Unable to initalise machine emulation" Whats causing this? Do I have to put a bios into the zip? If so, which one?
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    1.2.1 And Divx

    I just upgraded to 1.2.1 and Divx files now are horrifingly desynced. What happened? I did a search too.
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    I was thinking of doing this myself that suddenly remembered my experiance with coding is a C calculator. :P But it'd be kinda cool to have it on the ol' GP2x. Source is available. and It's linux so it might be easy. If someone could do a test compile just to see how it goes it'd be...
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    Duke Nukem 3d Con Files

    Could someone do me a big oll favour and upload the Duke nukem 3d con files from the atomic version. I don't have the atomic version and the enemies are all floaty like.
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    Problems With Mp3s In Neogp2x

    Mp3 won't play on the games, I'm baffled. I've it set up as /roms/King of fighters '98/ And in there is King of fighters ' And the folder neocd.mp3 Which contains King of Fighters '98 02.mp3, King of Fighters '98 03.mp3, etc Any Ideas on whats going wrong?
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    Quick Question About The Gbax Cards.

    You know the optional SD cards that can be tagged on when ordering the GP2x? Are they supported by the GP2x?
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    Neo Geo Aes/mvs Emulation

    I know it's probably been asked a million other times in a million other threads but I just want to know before I place my order for one of these babies... Is AES/MVS emulation possible? What I mean by that is, Is it definate that the GP2x won't be able to do it because of ram restrictions...
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    Quake 2 Possible?

    I was wondering If quake 2 was on the Gp2x it would be really nice. Some very nice graphics to go with a very nice system. I know it's not out, etc and all the usual flames, but in theory would it be possible seeing it's been ported to linux Here
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    Best Firmware.

    ive put it off for a while but i've become bored with the gp32, so i think its time to flash the gp. so, which is the best firm ware and is there a tutorial around for flashing. thanks.
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    Clamp Down.

    what i basicly think the site needs is a clampdown on the forums. its getting ridiculous, sigs that break the H-lock or that are massively huge. people acting like complete assholes for no reason. people constantly wanting for attention by giving themselves titles and the forcing them down our...
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    Dreamcast, Buying

    wheres the best place to get a DC on the cheap on the net. it needs to ship be able to ship to ireland.
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    Best Instant Messenger

    can anyone tell me the best Instant messenger, i won't say why for fear of flaming.
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    See You Later

    well i'm off today to, the gaeltacht. these are places where there are 3 pubs to one shop and you are forced to speak irish. there better be some nerds there.
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    Gp Drive Troubles

    i just started using gpdrive on win2k and whenever i try to put anything on the smc it looks like its working and the gives me errors (on the pc). i don't know what to do, formatted it and was hoping to put back on the stuff quickly using it but theses errors are putting the kaybosh on it...
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    Playstation2 Mem Card

    my brothers got a PS2 and i was just wondering where is the cheapest place to get the mem card as they are quite expensive.
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    Chankast 0.25

    Oh yeah baby you do it so good! chankast has been updated with win2k support (yay me) and aload of other features. *plays air gitar"
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    Actraiser Preface: I first played this game by accident and was pleasantly surprised, by a healthy mix of strategy and action. And it has a cute baby in it!!! Graphics: I thought they were nice, the mode 7 map was nicely used, the top down strategy was functional and nothing special. The...