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    Anybody Got Metro-Cross And / Or Bomb Jack Twin To Run?

    trying to figure out if i've got some incomplete roms or these are just not supported (yet) thanks.
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    is it me or are there little, like 2, to NO skins / icon packs available for both dmenu and the native os ? i can live with the the native os look but dmenu makes me cringe every time. thanks.
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    Rotating In Fba And / Or Mame4All

    just wondering... thanks.
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    A-320, But No Dingoo Logo?

    are these a-320's without the dingoo logo legit ? i was reading units produced after e certain date don't have the dingoo logo, just a-320. anybody ?
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    To Wiz Or Not To Wiz ?

    my gp2x ended up collecting dust because of it's crappy joystick. i just found out about the wiz, and the dingoo, and noticed... a d-pad!!! i've been reading some reviews but i'd like some more opinions so if you guys are willing to answer a few questions... that would be nice... + is de the...
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    Dip Switch Settings Bomb Jack?

    no matter what settings i use, the enemy behaviour stays the same... is this a known bug or am i missing something? thanks...
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    Hey Franxis, Would This Be Possible?

    i was just thinking...
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    Which Dpad Mod?

    :gp2x catchin' dust for mooooonths already due to MAJOR fed-up-ness with the ever so enjoyable joystick... so... yesterday i gave it one more try... the stick has got to go FOR SURE! i tried looking into dpad mods but can't decide or figure out which route to take. i am a total mod newb, so...
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    Mame Project On Pause?

    is this project on pause or did i miss something?
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    Alternative Joystick Mechanism ?

    i replaced the cap aleady but i just can't get used to the joystick, it also seems to be gettin' less responsive. is there an alternative to the mechanism it's shipped with? i mean, less deadzone etc. thanks.
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    Mpeg Files Not Recognized?

    hello, my gp2x doesn't seem to recognize .mpg files. the video player doesn't even show the files, the explorer does show them though. any thoughts??
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    Bomb Jack Mame Settings...

    hello, what settings are you guys using when playing bomb jack? i tried all kinds of settings but nothing seems to realy work. it stays either too slow or too flickery. according to the wiki the following settings should result in the game running at 100%... not in my case though... <_<
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    Any Way To Rotate Screen Without "tate-mode-controls"?

    i just got my tv out set so now i'd like to rotate my screen in mame (so i'll have to rotate my tv for vertical shooters etc) but i don't want the controls on the gp2x to switch to tate mode. is that an option?
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    Craigix ???

    craig, please get back at me, i ordered and paid for a replacement cap like 2 weeks ago, mailed and pmed you a couple of times, you probably have a good reason for not respondin' but... I NEED MY CAP!!!
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    Is There A Gngeo2x Installation Guide For Dummies?

    bios? gui? wtf...
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    Squidgesnes Rom Folder????

    hello... after unpackin' squidgeness there's no roms folder? just a skin folder a readme (which i read) the .gpe and a .cfg? i put a 'roms' dir there myself and put the unzipped roms in it, but after runnin' squidgesnes it didn't recognize any roms... i mean... shouldn't it look something like...
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    1942 Freezes After First Stage...

    is this a known problem, or just me? i tried replacin' the rom already, no luck.
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    Neo Geo Roms Won't Work.

    fw 1.4, mame 1.9, 1gb sandisk. what am i doin' wrong here? also a lot of other roms give me the "LOAD FAILED press a button" finger. any suggestions?
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    Firmware Update Question...

    when tryin' to update to 1,4 my 2x freezes at the first 'updating' progression screen with the chip logo... for how long does it stay ^there^ if everything goes right? also, how long would a successful update procedure take in total cause i'v read it'll drain your batteries before it's finished?
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    Controls Configuration.

    i know in rotate mode the volume buttons serve as fire/jump buttons. is it also possible to configure the controls differently when in tate?