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    Gp32 Back Lit Unit

    News about it on Liksang :-
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    Cat Noise Maker

    Maybe I`m going crazy, but I`m sure there was a cat noise maker for the GP32 (similar to the drum machine) But I can`t find it anywhere, has anyone got a link ? Or am I going nuts ?
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    Ebay Monkeys

    I really like ebay and sell and buy a lot of stuff on there. But in the last week I have ahd two neutrals, the first because the guy didnt want the item ( ? and how does this deserve a neutral) and the next because he didnt read the auction description. Arghhhhhhhhhh I have unblemished...
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    Pinball Dreams

    Hey guys I bought my GP32 recently and was wondering if anyone fancies posting their high scores on pinball dreams ? I`m not that great yet, Ive had 44 million on Steel Wheels, 40 Million on Nightmare and about 28 Million on Beat Box, I`m sure I got better when I had it on the Amiga :) We...