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    The Ur-quan Masters V0.5.0 Released

    Thx for the info! I get a black screen and that's it. I'll try a few tings asap as well. Might be my SD card, or maybe I should just copy the files again. (It worked before the update to 2.1.1, but I was using my other SD card at that time).
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    The Ur-quan Masters V0.5.0 Released

    I changed the key mapping for the original port (so that it made more sense to me), here's the file It also contains a list of which number corresponds to which key on the GP2X to assist manual editing. I seem to be having some problems with this...
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    Looking For

    No time to upload it right now, but if you PM me with your e-mail adress I'll send it to you. Regards.
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    Painting Advice

    Just the normal stuff: Properly clean it first, then aplly many THIN layers of (spray) paint.
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    "over"clocking Video Playback

    Thanks for your replies. The movie I watched (using TV out) was 608x256, thus playback was not smooth. It is my understanding that with TV out the resolution is not limited to 320×240, that's why I didn't want to resize the video. The power consumption was 0.8A (3V) @ 200MHz with TV out decoding...
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    So, Which Titlescreen Should I Choose?

    Shader, is that the (one of the) Star Trek fonts? :P
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    "over"clocking Video Playback

    Hi, I want to overclock the GP2X when watching video. Is this possible? I've looked though the forums & wiki, but can't seem to find an answer. The problem is that the default video player restores the CPU speed to 200MHz max on start-up. Or am I mistaken? When you "change the CPU's clock...
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    Wiki Weeked?!

    Ow, sorry <_< Great to see others care about the wiki too tough! Still (if you don't mind), Wiki Weekend seems like a good idea to me to give the wiki a boost and get some attention. So, shall we keep it at this weekend?
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    Wiki Weeked?!

    Hi, Though it is a good reference I've noticed that part of the wiki are outdated, incomplete or simply incorrect. (E.g. references to Li-ion penlights (they don't exist), references to "the next firmware" (what version), etc. I will see what I can do about this next weekend, but I wanted to...
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    Gp2x Mk1 Bob

    Double posting, please remove.
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    Gp2x Mk1 Bob

    Lol. Have you ever opened the cable that comes with the BoB. That's some handywork too ;)
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    Gp2x Mk1 Bob

    Content -Intro -Reasearch -The mod -Questions Intro During the weekend I have been doing some research as to why the MK1 GP2X cannot power the BoB, in order to find a solution. Currently (without any modification) the (or at least my) MK1 BoB situation is like this: -Connecting the GP2X to a...
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    See topic
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    Bob Wiki Page Missing

    I also bought a bob, but my mk1 with bob behaves slightly different. When I power up the Bob, but not the GP2X the GP2X also shows the white lines you get with flat batteries. Basically I cannot get the GP2X to boot unless I activate the bob and GP2X at exactly the same time, which is not so...
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    F.y.i. It arrived yesterday ;)
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    Fake Lik-sang Refund????

    F.y.i.: I have (or had) a lik-sang account and got no such e-mail.
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    I've ordered a breakout board from on the 10th. I got my confirmation e-mail the same day saying that they where temporarily out of order, my breakout board would ship next week. Unfortunately I've got no shipping confirmation yet. (I did ask them for info.) As I am quite busy at the...
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    So much for free trade :(
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    I do on my laptop (somewhat older hardware). That's still in the process of reinstallation though.
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    My desktop. At the moment I am quite happy with it. (Actually I change the inactive font to gray.)