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    Ps1 Emulation

    GP32 has an amazing "community", asking a question that is considered "newbie" is like being a Rangers supporter in a Celtic pub. :blink: Basically full speed PSX emu is out of the question, I havnt bothered reading up on the GBA emu, apparently someone was trying to do some trickery so the...
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    Gta San Andreas Radio Stations

    Apparently the game will have a few of British charcters in the game. Someone mentioned liking the Happy Mondays, Shaun Ryder plays a character in the game :-
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    What Happened To Those Capcom Games?

    HAHA My friend did a Business and Computing degree, biggest joke ever. Totally unprepared for getting a job (knowledge wise) afterwards got sacked from his first job and the only thing he managed to get was a Modern Apprentiship which he could have got after doing his GCSE`s, in all fairness...
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    Gp32 On Gamezville Sky1 Now

    I have no idea what they were doing there, she has no interest in games, mind you if she did she probably wouldnt have been there lol :) It really is an awful show.
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    Paying For Emulators Is Just Plain Wrong

    Cheap Bastards (awaits flame) :P I have no problem paying for an emulator if it is original work (i.e. not a port) and I will get some real use from it (i.e Mac emulators on the Amiga a few years back)
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    Gp32 On Gamezville Sky1 Now

    Just about to post about this beaten to it lol. It was a pretty brief review. Showed a bit of Pinball Dreams and talked about the GP32 being able to be used as a mobile player, pda? and mentioned the emulators. Better than a GBA according o the reviewer :P I never watch the show as it`s...
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    Gp32 Back Lit Unit

    News about it on Liksang :-
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    Where To Get?

    I`d recomend GBAX, but I got mine from ebay for £100 for a FLU, 128mb card and Dooly Soccer (along with some games already on the card from Joy GP) Lucky yup, than you buy it now :)
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    Cat Noise Maker

    If you get annoyed over this I dread to think what a real crisis will do to you. Hello heart attack lol.
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    Cat Noise Maker

    lol cheers. I did a search but didnt have the soberness to realise the dates go from oldest to newest and there was a next results link lol :) Now to terrify some cats :wacko:
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    Cat Noise Maker

    Maybe I`m going crazy, but I`m sure there was a cat noise maker for the GP32 (similar to the drum machine) But I can`t find it anywhere, has anyone got a link ? Or am I going nuts ?
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    Bs-zelda, Compatible With Opensnes9x ?

    Ahhh thats what BS stands for, it was ages ago and I have had many long nights since then lol. I`m sure there was a sateliteview game of zelda available and that works (I think)
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    Bs-zelda, Compatible With Opensnes9x ?

    Isnt that the Zelda for the Satelitview SNES system. I had a BS Zelda rom runing under an emulation ages ago, but can`t remember which one.
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    Pinball Dreams High Score Challenge!!!

    5 Balls, well I usually only use 3 so this should be easier. Unfortunately there is a bug in the game (with me anyways) that even without cheating (I don`t even know if you can) you can get infinite balls, I`m not sure how it happens, but it has happened a few times to me and the only way to...
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    One Goal

    Pinball Dreams is a great game, albeit a port of a 12 year old Amiga game. The challenges on GP32 Spain look a good idea but the pay isnt a lot for the work involved. If a number of people could donate an amount so the total reached say £1000 ($1800) or more then maybe a project that required...
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    It was first developed for the Amiga. I don`t think he misunderstood the Gp32 scene at all. For him to port everything, test it etc, it will require a lot of time, effort and money on his part, £50,000 sounds like a fair figure to port a commercial game to a new platform. As for having to buy...
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    Purple Haze

    From where I come from it is a errrrrrrrrrr something you smoke ;)
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    Probably A Stupid Question

    *sighs* portable swos, if only.
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    GP32 Gp32 Alien Breed Clone

    Alien Breed 3D source code was made free by Team 17 ages ago. Alas it was nothing like the old Alien Breed (it was a doom clone), but it was a pretty good game if anyone wanted to port it - it ran on a vanilla Amiga 1200.
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    Football Managment

    Champ Man 1, 93\94 and Italia are all now allowed to be freely distributed :) They were (are ?) available for download on the sham that is Although my browser wont let me navigate the site properly.