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    Neogeo Dat File ?

    What says on the title, is there a dat file for cmpro or other similar program, to sort/clean neogeo roms ? Thanks
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    No Neogeo Roms !

    Hallo 1. is there a way to separate the neogeo roms from a full 4.1 mame rom set ? 2. Also is there a Clrmame dat file for neogeo roms ? 3. Does gngeo and mamegp2x use the same romset for neogeo games ? Thanks in advance.
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    Batteries Problem

    I just bought a hi speed charger with 4 NiMH - 1.2 V - 2300 mAh batteries, I charged them in 5 hours until the led starts to blink, but when I put them in my GP2X nothing happened :( I put them in other devices (TV remotes, GBA) and they work OK ! What is the problem ???
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    Neostuey's Icons ???

    All of NeoStuey's icons seem to have been deleted from his website and I never got around to downloading them :( Where can I download the icons from ?
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    Mame Without Neogeo.....

    Is it possible to have a gamelist without the Neogeo games, or a clrmame.dat to delete them automatically ???
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    Cdisplay ?

    I don't know if you are familiar with CDisplay a comic reading program ? Is there a similar program available on the gp32 or gp2x ???
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    Speed Rumbler

    I keep hear you guys talking about 'speed rumbler' but I can't manage to run it yet :( I have the correct rom it loads up OK but then it throws me back to the menu .. . . . . Any help will be apreciated.
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    Tapper ???

    Where is Tapper ? It seems to be supported, I have the roms but it is nowhere to be found :(
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    Better to take a look on :D
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    Gone But Not Forgotten

    While I'm waiting for fmame32 to appear, I tracked down every classic game of the golden era that have been converted to console or home computer format, so that now I have an almost complete collection to play with :) It seems that some of the true classics have been overlooked by the...
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    Mobile Meta Slug Goodness !!!!!

    Anyone saw the new mobile phone version of Metal Slug from Digital Bridges ???? SWEEEEEET !!!
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    ?? Gmame ??

    I'm having a problem running GMAME all i got is : smc_f open : ERROR :unsure: Help (Everything is in the correct folders)
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    Bs-zelda ??

    For those of you who don't know, BS-Zelda was a game that unfortunately was only playable in Japan. It was made for an add on system for the Super Famicom (Super NES was called Super Famicom in Japan) called the BS-X. They could download the game from a satellite and save it onto a cartridge...
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    Gravity Related Games !

    I love this kind of games ! Unfortunately my favorite 'Sub-terrania' on the Mega Drive is not playable :( Are there any more gravity games (like 'Thrust' on the C64 or the arcade 'Gravitar') available on other consoles ??? I just discovered a remake of Thrust called 'Zarathrusta', it's...
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    I have just tryed 'rgbarcade' for the GBA and I must tell you it's excellend !!! Sorry but I could not help my self :( After gmames death my last hope for arcade fun on my gp is fmame32, or is it a rumor I don't know...
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    I finally found the right roms for gpmame and I finaly got it to run... Only pooyan and time pilot were playable but they play perfectly 'but flickery' !!! It was great to see those games emulated on my little screen as they are two of my favorites :D I'm expecting great progress from...
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    ?? Gpmame ??

    What am I doing wrong with GPMAME ? In the readme Mirko says that he had included 3 game roms (Galaga, TimePilot, Bosconian) that are playable ! I havent been able to run anything If the roms are not included where am I suposed to put them ???
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    Doom Problems

    I have a problem playing the Duke wad : in the begining of the second level my gp reboots :( I've got the same problem in the same place when I play doom 2 but all the other wads play perfectly !!! Any ideas ?
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    Doom Wads

    Is any of the DOOM WADS a complete game ? or they are only demos of the first level ?? I mean 'Golden eye' and Half Life are beutiful bat I can't escape the first level...... Also I can't find the Alien WAD... any help ?
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    Questions About Snes Games ? (not Roms)

    1. How many "Castlevania" games exists for the SNES ? I'm confuzed ! 2. Witch is the best version of "Bomberman" ? 3. Witch is the best version of "Megaman" ? 4. I remember a game called "Girls with guns or weapons or something like that" can you help with the correct title ???