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    Gp2x Joystick Exposed - The Internals

    Ugh, anyone getting that sinking feeling that GPH wasn't the -good- hardware side of the company all of a sudden? Someone -needs- to contact GPH about these problems.
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    Tv-out Not So Good ;(

    Good to hear about craig stocking a better solution, But I have to ask... What is with GPH? Was gamepark itself the "problem solver" and not GPH? I know the GP32 had some bugs and quirks but it seems like there is a general laundry list of issues with the GP2X. Some which can be fixed by us...
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    Any Highres Pics Of The Gp2x Front/back?

    I'm basically trying to figure out how to make a big "ad style" two sided cutout on posterboard, but I need a good high res pic of both the front and back of the GP2X, anyone have them handy?
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    Psx Running On The Gp2x

    And this is all sans assembler, custom cores, proper unlocking of the second processor, and no direct use of the 2D accelerator? And it runs -this- well? Will we be enjoying FF7 at a brisk 30 FPS with sound when it's done?
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    Has Gph Announced Any Major Firmware Update Dates?

    Wondering, did a quick search and didn't find a terrible lot reguarding it, just wanted to know so I could place my ordering schedule around that date.
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    How Much Would Emulators Cost?

    Yep, exact data off the cart, which bugs me to death when some anti-rom 'activists' go "IT'S NOT ACTUALLY THE ORIGINAL GAME!" :blink: (Gamefaqs was notorious for these types of people, who probably had a gig of music before napster crashed :P .)
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    How Much Would Emulators Cost?

    Emus and ports and damn near everything on the GP32 was free, sans maybe 2 games coded from scratch as homebrew. I'm pretty much expecting the same on the GP2X. (Although I would gladly donate out of my own free will(and pockets) if fullspeed SNES/playable Neo Geo arrived.)
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    What If This Forum Had Discussed The Gp32 Launch?

    30? Damn, maybe I'm thinking of my nomad or lynx rather than my gamegear (which I sadly no longer own) Know what'd be redundant? A Nomad emulator, not emulating the genesis hardware itself but takeing apart a nomad and finding out if anything is different. :D
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    Is Mame Out And Is It Full Speed?

    :blink: I can't tell if it's a serious post or not.
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    What If This Forum Had Discussed The Gp32 Launch?

    :blink: I re-read that three times and replaced a few words and still dunno what it says. However no one dissed dreamcast in the thread that I can see.
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    What If This Forum Had Discussed The Gp32 Launch?

    Nah it's not going to be a 6-12 month down the line issue at all, firmware and driver issue as stated before, (They used an older SD driver is all.) At least that's the only issue i'm positively sure of in every way. So, whenever there's another firmware release or patch it'll fix it. And...
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    What If This Forum Had Discussed The Gp32 Launch?

    Oh rofl, I almost forgot about the infamous GPtits, "Lol dreamcast's little sister"
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    What If This Forum Had Discussed The Gp32 Launch?

    Not the thread for discussion, ;) make a new one and duke it out there. But just to add, there are alot of little things, like faster ram, 34-50 more MHZ to throw around (200MHZ is the base clock speed of a single processor right? So make that around 60-100 more using just one processor if...
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    What If This Forum Had Discussed The Gp32 Launch?

    I hope you're being sarcastic, as pretty much everyone on this forum knows the GP32 has leaped and bounded beyond the ancient problems or doomsays of it's launch.
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    What If This Forum Had Discussed The Gp32 Launch?

    Rewind to around 4 years ago, the korean GP32 launch. What sort of quotes do you think would spring up if we had the same negative attitude about the original GP32's korean launch? "No screen lighting? Garbage! Absoloute garbage!" (Mind you this was the original launch ;), backlit and...
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    Repeated Question Possibly, Can You Link Gp2xs?

    Could you in theory, link together two GP2X systems to swap data or for multiplayer purposes? (via the USB cable or EXT cable) or perhaps a third party device using wireless? I've seen people interested in TV out, trying to confirm alot of other features, but i've yet to hear a large userbase...
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    Avian Flu Risk?

    Is it weird that I don't fear these sort of things? maybe it's because I have a freakish immune system. (Chicken pox only lasted two days and, I -don't- catch flus or colds.) Either that or i'm unimpressed by the "flu" in the name. But yeah, unless it's one of those freak flesh eating jungle...
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    What's This??? A Gp2x Clone....???

    That video was sorta creepy, idential gender matching suits with no real logos or details, people hand assembleing things onto a minimalistic 'assembly line'. I much prefer identical suits with logos and details and people machine assembling things on a -huge- line :D
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    Are There Us Based Online Schools?

    Decent, the damage has pretty much stopped, but not before giving me a big "F U" to my left eye, which all in all sucks but i'm doing great as far as that's concerned. And hmm, maybe a long distance course may work, but if it requires travelling of any kind (even to an office just once) it's a...
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    Are There Us Based Online Schools?

    Ah the joys of asking life advice on the internet, Why do I ask this question? Because I'm in a damn rough spot/decision. 1: Quit school, funds stop. (Social security and all, love/hate it.) Which is bad, since I gotta care/fund my mum's medical bills and life and my own. 2: Quit school, work...