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    Atari 8-bit Emulator

    Hi all, Hopefully a simple question: is there an Atari 8-bit emulator for the GP2X? Last night I suddenly remembered playing and loving Seamus 2 and would like to do so again. Thanks in advance.
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    Gp2x Chess?

    Hi all, I'm aware of Mystic Chess but have been unable to get it to load on my GP2X: does it work and if so, how do I install it (I followed the readme), or is it GP32 only? In case the latter is true, are there any other homebrew Chess games for the GP2X? I've got the Amiga emulator and I...
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    Get A Grip Jostick Tip

    Dear all, I thought I'd share a tip that I recently became aware of: A couple of months back, I took delivery of one of Dave C's lovely joysticks. I fitted it following the instructions but pushed it down a bit too hard and actually sunk my GP2X joystick post. As a result, the joystick sat too...
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    Writing Homebrew Games

    Dear all, Please bear with me here as this is a serious question. I know it might better be asked in the development forums and I'll ask it there, once my questioning can be made more specific. For now though, my question is a very general one: how do I start on writing for the GP2X? I know...
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    Is This Forum Infected With A Virus?

    Is this forum distributing a virus? Every time I load a page, there's a file download and some gibberish in an Explorer user prompt. I now have malware / adware or whatever on my PC which I need to clear up. Anyone know what's going on? This has only been happening yesterday and today.
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    Loading Uae4all Games With Multiple Disks

    Dear all, I've just taken delivery of Amiga Forever and am having problems loading games with more than two disks. I know this isn't an emulator, Kick ROM (I've got 1.3, 512kb) or Workbench issue as I've got some two disk games working. Pinball Dreams, for example is on two disks. I insert...
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    E-book Reader: Word Wrap Issue

    Dear all, I've placed a few short stories from an ezine website on my GP2X as .txt files. The text wraps in accordance with the width of the GP screen but does so mid-word: so a word is split accross two lines. Although the stories are readable, it's a minor annoyance and I wondered if there...
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    Where Can I Post Text Stories?

    Dear all, I've written some stories, one of which was published in an ezine and I want to share them with the community: where can I upload them? These are text stories, as opposed to graphical novels, so I can save them as .txt files to make them readable on the GP2X. Is there somewhere that...
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    Copyright Status Of Mame And Drmd?

    Dear all, I have MAME and DrMD on my GP2X. Although I can't claim to have owned any arcade machines, MAME seems pretty freely distributed and I was wondering about the legality of this. To be completely conformist, should I really remove MAME from my GP? I own a Megadrive so I gather I'm...
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    Recommended Emulators

    Dear all, Currently, my GP is a potted history of my gaming, emulating the following: MAME Spectrum Atari ST Amiga Megadrive / Genesis Quite simply, I'd like to expand on my gaming experience but never having owned other systems, I'm open to advice. Was the Neo Geo any good for instance? If...
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    High Scores

    This is the board for ideas right? I have one: Why not have a high scores table? The beauty of all these retro games is that they're largely score-based, unlike so many modern games where the only goal is to complete them. I have fond memories of competing to be the best on various games among...
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    What's On Your Gp2x?

    Mine is reprensentative of my gaming history and contains the following EMUs, with ROMs listed beneath: MAME: Astro Invader Galaga Pacman Bombjack Atari 2600: Yar's Revenge ZX Spectrum: Jet Set Willy Manic Miner C64: Dropzone Atari ST: Xenon Xenon 2 Dungeon Master Amiga: Pinball...
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    Vertical Screen Size On Gp2x

    Dear all, This is an accross-the-board issue that I've encountered: not necessarily a problem; just a little annoyance. Within MAME and UAE4All this is most noticeable: the extreme top and bottom of the screens are not visible within the emu games on the GP. For example, when playing Pinball...
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    Pinball Dreams

    Dear all, Many thanks to all those who helped me get UAE4All sorted and Pinball Dreams installed. Pinball Dreams is now running but it's quite jerky. Of more concern to me though is that the game doesn't seem to run as it originally did on the Amiga. What I mean by that is, where the letters...
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    Dear all, I have some Amiga games which are spread over a number of disks: a case in point would be "Stardust" on three disks. Each disk contains an ADF file and is a soft copy of disks 1, 2 and 3 respectively of the original Stardust game. My question is this: will the UAE4all emu support...
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    Aue4all (again)

    Further to my previous post / thread, I've followed all of the instructions in setting up the Amiga emu: all files are in the right place and I have the correct kick.rom file (kick13: 512kb). I can select a ROM (Pinball Dreams) by pressing "L" then "B" to select it but when I try to run a ROM...
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    Graphic Novels

    Me again :) I've placed a graphic novel on my SD but it's not obvious via the "ebook" GP menu option: do I require a reader of some kind?
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    The Best Games?

    I hope no-one questions the validity of posting this question here, as I believe it is a valid question, worthy of input. I have Megadrive, MAME, ST and Spectrum emulators on my GP2X and I'm wondering which are considered the best games on each platform. For MAME, I like Bombjack and Galaga at...
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator

    Dear all, Firstly, apologies for persisting in my questioning on how to find the Amiga Kick.rom: I'm now back after a 48-hour suspension from this board and I hope I didn't get anyone else into trouble. Thank you to those that PMd me. In the hope that I can still get help here, I now have the...
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    Amiga Kick.rom

    I know that we're not allowed to give out URLs for ROMs and so on here, but: I *own* an Amiga 1200 (I really do: hand on heart, scouts' honour) but it's busted. I want to play Amiga games via the GP2X and have an emulator but need the kick.rom in order for them to work. Can anyone *cough* me...