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    A Wonderful Link For My Friends At Off Topic Post your favourites. :)
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    Slipzone Didn't Die see ya there betches If you don't know what this place is basically it;s a fun fyad-esque spam forum, good shit really, enjoy all. The hosting was bought by rico and he's also admin, should be a larf.
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    oh how I love you soooo......;client=firefox
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    I got prescribed this stuff today for my depression and will start taking it tommorow morning, the side affects are really disturbing. Just wondering if any one has used this in the past and what it did to them. Also are the effects that great? Thanks
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    A Beautiful Place For All Members To Chill

    if you're funny, go here: good luck
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    Long Videos On Googlevideo

    Well I just got a video ipod, and these are really nice and easy to download. Anyway I don't want those short little one lol videos, I want some 10 minute+ things, escpecially public domain TV series. At the moment I've found "Popeye", "Betty Boop" and "Penn and Teller Bullshit". Thankies
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    Prog Rock Nub

    Basically at the moment I'm loving this kind of music, but the problem is I only have a few albums: Genesis - Foxtrot Yes - Close the Edge - Fragile and those best of pink floyd albums I robbed off my Dad, help me find more good stuff thanks
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    Uk Members Help Me

    Basically I downloaded too many filez on tiscali and now I'm in some shitty internet concentration camp where I have to share my bandwidth with my fellow p2p whores. So basically what I need now is a new isp with either 512kb or 1mb broadband for £15 or less. I'm guessing this is going to be a...
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    What're You Doing Right Now

    About to play COD2 and punch Nova in the face, also listening to killababylonkutz by shitmat, what the fuck is this? I like it also!
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    Pc Dying

    I won't bother giving you the specifications of my PC as they are ok. It can run Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 for example at full speed, full settings. All my drivers are installed correctly also. But for some reason when randomly doing shit on my desktop, say for example launching firefox everything...
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    Posts Must Be Approved First

    I haven't had much of it recently but just don't double post in this forum. A moderator will approve your post ASAP. You must appreciate that these forums must be the most spam-free of all.
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    Drama End

    Basically the only two people I've put on probation on this forum have had their friends make threads trying to give me a bad name and try to "save" their friend's lives. It's only ever five days max and I will always give warning. Basically if I or any of the moderators ban a user or put him on...
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    Kknd Is St00pid

    Alright Christmas is coming up and I have a keyboard, mouse, monitor and speakers. I have £530 to buy a new PC. I don't need an OS and a 80gb hardrive will do (planning on getting an external one soon). I've been waiting over a year to play hl2. Price me up the best gaming PC you can get for...
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    The most painfull news has hit me tonight. My broadband is being cut, yes my soul is currently being ripped to shreds and tommorow a feeling of emptiness will begin which cannot be replaced. This has been a great forum and hopefully I will see you all again someday, please leave your farewells...
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    Gbax Party

    Post here if you plan on attending.
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    Quake Mods

    I've recently got a new GP32 that doesn't underclock like my old one. Anyway I can now at last play DOOM, SCUMMVM and Quake without the GP restarting. :) I have been downloading various Quake mods throughout the day and have come across many dead links and lots of mods that looked amazing but...
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    Decent Fantasy Novel.

    Basically because of exams and mainly the addiction to the computer I haven't read for a long time, in fact the last book I read was "Of Mice and Men" and that was for my lit exam. I've read one fantasy series called "Dragonlance" and I really liked it. Fantasy is the kind of novel I can really...
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    Info On Your Pc

    Right now I'm attempting to revise as usual (Biteszie): Here's my start menu: Here's My Documents: Firefox bookmarks: Basically on the computer I piss about with graphics stuff like The GIMP and say Flash MX, but mostly I chat on various IM networks and try my best to get something...
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    Gpcd Again

    Have a look at the links in my signature, I can't get hold of these people. A lot of the people in #gp32dev (a bunch of ace people by the way) are advising me to do it. Also if you can get some of the devs themselves to see this topic, to see what they think. Otherwise I'll have to release it...
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    The Gif Thread 2

    Every post must contain a gif obviously, let the fun begin! The same rules apply as last time, no gif no post (as in it will be deleted). Here's the old thread which has a fair few dead links hence I didn't bother reviving it. -Tom PS 1 2 3