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  1. kloppix

    Guitars On Fire

    Thank you crow_riot :) The new controls are a lot better. That would be great BAFelton!!! A standard usb keyboard support will be also appreciated though :rolleyes:
  2. kloppix


    You are doing a great job scachi. Thank you :) Please don't stop the development
  3. kloppix

    Frets On Fire On The Canoo

    I'm glad you dropped in. Thank you for the port[s] xD How about using the touchscreen? It would be a great improvement.
  4. kloppix

    Frets On Fire On The Canoo

    I think Frets on Fire is too resource hungry for the Caanoo. Besides python don't run as well as it should :( However there are good news for you. There is another Guitar Hero clone that is compatible with Frets On Fire songs and is already ported to the Wiz -->...
  5. kloppix

    App Browser

    Sepulep, I'm amazed how great this application is. I was thinking that you should indicate a “standard” that should be used in order to upload a file. Then EvilDragon could add this “standard” as a suggestion in the Add File page. Seeing that you are already working with the gp2xmenu issue...
  6. kloppix

    File Manager

    Hi folks. I didn't made/ported the application. I just uploaded it. Well, I actually edited the .gpe file in order it read the bennu runtime within the folder and made the awful “title.png”, but that was all. I already told fbustamante about this post so he can read about the suggestions and...
  7. kloppix

    File Manager

    Check out “Bennu File Manager”. I uploaded it a few minutes ago :),0,0,0,116,734
  8. kloppix

    Thruster For Gp2X 1.2

    A very addictive game. Thanks. Which version it is, 1.0 or 1.2? The readme file says 1.0 and in the menu's game says v1, but the ending of the file is 1.2. I'm asking because I'm going to upload it to
  9. kloppix

    Wiz Clock

    From time to time I have the same problem. You have to reinstall the firmware. I think it's a bug, as I only had this problem with the 1.2.1 version.
  10. kloppix

    Web Browser

    I think the best option is to use the Opera from Qtopia. Maybe you can convince ikari to add it in a new version. You can also try to add it by yourself with this,0,0,0,15,2073 If you are in a hurry maybe you can also compile a text-based browser...
  11. kloppix

    GP2X Generally On Gp2X Wiz?

    With the source code anyone with enough knowledge could make a port to the Wiz or any other system. I hope you can get it.
  12. kloppix

    Cloud's Diary (Wip)

    At first I found easier the diagonal mode. However after a couple of minutes playing in direct mode I got used, so its not really a big difference. It has come to my attention that from time to time I got disoriented playing in direct mode. Somehow in my head the south should be in the right...
  13. kloppix

    Looking To Buy A Spare Battery For My Wiz

    Sorry. I just read they don't ship outside Spain.
  14. kloppix

    Looking To Buy A Spare Battery For My Wiz
  15. kloppix

    Cloud's Diary (Wip)

    Hi. It has been a week already. How is the progress? Im so waiting for this game
  16. kloppix

    Should I Port To Wiz?

    Im sorry to hear you weren't lucky selling of the CDs, but I insist the idea was good. I really hope Fungp will come up soon as you have a good chance to sell the game there. In the meantime you can email some stores.
  17. kloppix


    You are right. I just edited “Apocalypso.gpe”, removed “cpuclk=750” and it started working without any trouble. (just a little slower of course). Maybe I will try it later with another freq or with another firmware, although I really don't mind the current speed of the game. Thank you. Btw, my...
  18. kloppix

    Should I Port To Wiz?

    I have been playing this game for some days on my Wiz and I can say it's really amazing. Really, I love it. I think it will sell well among wiz users. (If you have a Wiz there is a huge possibility you like old school rpg's :D ). I saw some days ago you started selling CD's. That's a good idea...
  19. kloppix


    Hi. Every time I try to play this game the touch screen stop working properly and the only way to calibrate it again it's to reboot the wiz. Anybody else has this problem?
  20. kloppix

    Touch Screen Stopped Working

    Hi PlopperZ. First check if the case is making too much pressure on the screen. The paint application Graffiti it's great for this because it says the X and Y position of the cursor. As I said, in my case the X axis was always on 315. Besides, when I pushed the stylus hardly against the screen...