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    The First N900 Coding Competition! 21st May-21st July. Open To All

    Prize Fund Now up to: $423 I know a lot of us bought N900's whilst waiting for our Pandora's, so, I thought I should announce that there's a coding competition just kicked off at specifically for the N900! The prize fund is currently mounting daily, and Nokia have also offered a...
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    We Have One Person To Thank

    Who is our hero?...
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    Mame Cabinet

    I have a full size Arcade cabinet converted for Mame complete with a translucent Happ trackball an working coin mech that i'm considering selling. I love it, but i simply don't have a lot of space. Has anyone else here sold an arcade cab?
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    Silk Screening Poll - Whats Your Thoughts?

    Whats your opinion on the silk screening stage?
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    Dunno if y'all have seen this, here it is anyway. Pretty cool :) Source code is in the zip if you download. .
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    disregard, posted to wrong place, moderator please delete.
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    I stumbled across this an thought i'd post to see what you guys think... . Opinions?
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    Open Source 3d Printer

    The Pandora's 3D Model files would come in handy here :)
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    Escape From City 17 - Part One

    If you have steam installed you may already know about this but I couldn't resist posting, its had over a million views on youtube, check it out! Normal CODE HD CODE (Forum links are still...
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    Amigaremix Just wondering how many people listen to some of the free music available from here, amazing stuff. Brilliant if you're an Amiga Fan! Thought i'd post a link for others to enjoy :)
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    How Many Of You Own An Arcade Cabinet?

    I'm interested in seeing how many of us here own an Arcade Cabinet? Either original or converted. I'm pondering over the idea of selling mine (Converted Mame Cab) but i'm not sure what the interest would be like, or where would be best to advertise it. Plus it would just be cool to find out how...
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    Half-life 1 Remake (blackmesa) Trailer Released

    This is a highly ambitious mod that aims to recreate the entire Half-Life 1 game using the Source (Half-Life2) engine. It's been in development for a number of years now with some amazing talent onboard. They've finally released a trailer, check it out! :) Black Mesa Source
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    Handy App That Allows Repositioning Of App Buttons In The Toolbar

    Not being able to reposition open application buttons in the taskbar in windows has always annoyed me. I thought it was so obviously annoying that they might have fixed it in Vista. But no, seems that'd be too helpful :angry: So heres a little app i find very handy that allows you to do this...
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    Dance Dance Revolution

    I came across this and just had to post it. I've seen people play these games before, but this is amazing.... Kobayan Fascination MAXX Double EXPERT No Bar extra cleared :blink: Thoughts? Anyone else play these kinda games much?
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    Animated Amiga Tribute By Eric Schwartz

    I came across this brilliant Amiga Tribute video animated by none other than Eric Schwartz himself. (If you had an Amiga and any number of PD Demos, you'll know who this is) It's animated to the song at the end of Valve's Portal, 'Still Alive'. Very Apt! :) Dunno if its been posted before, and...
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    3dbuzz C++ Video Tutorials

    Hi guys, i haven't posted in the developers corner before, but i thought this might help out a few people. I used to use the 3DBuzz site to learn 3D animation packages, and a few other things. But they also have a C++ Video Tutorial course consisting of 21 videos split over 3 sections. It goes...
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    Original Gp2x

    Hullo all, I bought the GP2X Mk1 from shortly after it became available. However i havent been keeping track of the changes in the scene for a while so im a bit out of the loop. Last time i checked there was a replacement joystick cap from DaveC an and another one just released by...
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    Original Gp2x Joystick Cap

    Disregard this post, accidentally posted to the wrong place.
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    I'm not sure if this has been asked before, i've had a search around and can't find much on it so apologies if it has already. I'm wondering why neither the gp32, nor the gp2x, are merged with the official scummvm download binaries available at They seem to support some quite...
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    Battery Meter

    I just noticed in the GP2X battery meter, that my battery power is now at 'midum'. This might be something GPH might wanna update on the next firmware upgrade ;)