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  1. hando

    Finally We Are Open Again

    ... and more info on my blog hehehe :);showentry=2
  2. hando

    Deleted Topic About Next Gen Gp2x - Explanation

    I was asked by GPH to delete this topic because [...] Next version GP2X has lot of things to fix and decide yet. So our policy is keeping confidential until we fix everything not to repeat Nov 2005 incidents.[...]. And as we are trying to play fair with everybody I removed all post from this...
  3. hando

    Joystick Replacement

    Somehow I fu**ed up my gp2x. My joystick is broken and I need to replace it. Does anyone know where I can buy one or what is code name or something for it ? Or mayb e someone has broken unit and can send it to me? Any help would be appreciated :)
  4. hando

    100 Commodore 64 Games In 10 Minutes Just found it on youtube (via Nice collection of 100 cool c64 games in one video. So if you need to pick up some games to play it should be helpfull.
  5. hando

    Welcome Back :)

    First of all, I'd like to apologise all of you guys for this "bandwidth run out" thing. To tell the truth, something hit us hard and sucked up our bandwidth in the last three days of the March as usually our monthly bandwidth use is max about 120-150 gigs. This time, it was like 200 gigs of...
  6. hando

    Gpsp (gba Emu) For Gp2x W.i.p

    Some great news from Zodttd. As most of you know he is working on bringing GpSP - Game Boy Advance emulator, originally made for PSP, to GP2X and here is the latest news: Sounds great to me :) Join discussion and post your comments here.
  7. hando

    Uae4allgp2x 0.6.3

    <br> Looks like new version of this excellent Amiga emu silently showed up on Critical's website. Here are the good news: - Really fixed crashes on overclock. It seems to just crash when using HW accelerated SDL on the main menu. - Added mouse acceleration - option to main menu. - Various...
  8. hando

    Digital Tv Tuner On Sd Would be cool to use it with GP2X :)
  9. hando

    Psx4gp2x W.i.p.

    Latest news from Zotdd :) More...
  10. hando

    Psx4gp2x W.i.p.

    Some good news from Zottd: [...] I got a the first 3 instructions of the BIOS to recompile! So the recompiler's structure is now working! Only thing left to do is fix some bugs in (hopefully) a few of the instructions and the recompiler will be able to be used... So what might of been once a...
  11. hando

    Race Updated

    Flavor published updated GP2X version of RACE - neogeo pocket emulator. Read full announcement here.
  12. hando

    Psx4gp2x W.i.p.

    Another delicious news from Zottd about upcoming new version of PSX emulator for GP2X. [...] I just figured out what caused A LOT of games not to run at all, or crash mid-game. I also converted about 90% of the interpreter (psx cpu emulation) to ARM assembly. Everything it working smoothly. So...
  13. hando

    Psx4gp2x W.i.p.

    More nice news from Una-i and Zottd: Una-i [...] last known bugs fixed... no more 2d games flikering when ussing progresive interlace... Eath Worm Jim, Batma Return. Alfo other flikering as Enhander is fixed, and most intrestin the "phantom frames" in some 3d games are also gone... The nice...
  14. hando

    Psx4gp2x W.i.p.

    Una-i posted some good news about current status of Psx4gp2x emulator: [...] My private 18c beta has alllmost if not all 2d games workin nicelly, including transitions a so on. All known 2d bug seen to be solved now. On the 3d the only reamining bug is the missin poligons one that is the first...
  15. hando

    Psx4gp2x W.i.p.

    Zottd put some lights on incoming new version of his marvelous Psx4gpx emulator. He is going to release it tommorow and emulator will include: - Hardware scaling support for interlace 1 option (no need for progressive). - A "threaded" interpreter giving a 1/8th speed boost to the emu overall...
  16. hando

    Rage2x V0.7.7

    Jycet updated his great RAGE2X frontend for Gngeo2x (NeoGeo MVS emulator) to version 0.7.7. Full announcement with 'what's new' details and download here.
  17. hando Rss Feeds

    Since today all our RSS feeds come directly from GP32 / GP2X / XGP NEWS FORUMS so please update your RSS links as an old one ( won't be updated anymore. New RSS links: For GP32 only news use: For GP2X only news...
  18. hando

    Anna's H. Leaked Erotic Movie And Other Stuff

    Ok, now when I have your attention :) let's talk about that other stuff ;) 1. As you probably noticed we are growing. Up to 30 new registrations everyday, news flood from all directions. The percentage of stupid people or to be political correct people doing stupid things increased so we need...
  19. hando

    Choose Your Mod :)

    Who do you think could be new American Idol... tfuu ... GP32X mod?. Please post forum nick and reason of you decision. Thanks in advance for your help and time -hando-
  20. hando

    What's That ?

    Friend of mine is a key fobs collectioner. He wants to buy this key fob which as the seller says comes from Korea. With the main keyfob comes some kind of black something (it's about the size of $1 ) with some red stuff inside (check the picture for reference). It's not the powder, its rather...