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    floating around

    floating around
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    floating around

    floating around
  3. hando

    Liking The New Mascot!

    Yeah, she can't even mimic bass plying but she's hot, isnt it ? :)
  4. hando

    New Logo

    You know, I usually don't take part in useless discussions unless you have something to propose better. And better means by my standards what lead us to conclusion - something better I'd accept. This logo is just quick, done in 40 sec, replacement for that standard IPB logo placeholder. That's...
  5. hando


    In general everything whould work much better. This "big" look is something new I admit. I don't know maybe it's just different. But as this is the final upgrade for at least a year we have possibility to redone the whole theme for board and this is going to happen rather soon than later. There...
  6. hando

    Pms, 5 Minute Delay?

    Ok, changed to 2 min delay. Should be not long even for impatient person to wait.
  7. hando

    Forum Is Nice, But Still Has Some "bugs"

    I am not changing anything but since upgrade and email system get fixed I started to receive many mail delivery failure notifications. And actually in 100% of them the problem lies on the other side (user server mail system). This is one I just got a minute ago: QUOTE The following message to...
  8. hando

    Forum Is Nice, But Still Has Some "bugs"

    Ok, i've checked settings and everything looks fine. There is no limit to PM sending. Only limit is set on emails you can email up to 20 emails in 24h with 5 minutes break beetwen sending another. There are no other limits. Check if your inbox is empty because when writing new email you check...
  9. hando

    Forum Is Nice, But Still Has Some "bugs"

    I'll check problem with badges. It was reported to me by another person a few days ago hoever everything looks fine to me so maybe clearing your browser cache will help. Regarding 1 pm per day. I didnt' set it up so probably another post upgrade bug. Will check it asap.
  10. hando

    Finally We Are Open Again

    Once again sorry it took so long but belive me. Most of this time I was forced to just sit and wait for an answer from IPB support team so just couldnt do anything to speed the things up. Well at least it's behind us :)
  11. hando

    Finally We Are Open Again

    The work is not done yet. There is still plenty thing to do like changing front page and other stuff but those at least won't take site offline :) Regarding forum, if you notice any bugs please report it to any of the moderators. there shouldn't be any but well everything can happend :)
  12. hando

    Finally We Are Open Again

    ... and more info on my blog hehehe :);showentry=2
  13. hando

    Wiz Competition And Sdl Info.

    To celebrate Wiz release will hold a contest as well :) More details soon :)
  14. hando

    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    Paypal in polish ? LOL :) Maybe it was the reason :) Anyway it's fixed now. Reagarding Chip. Well he actually tried to contact me. It was my and my messy mail program fault I didnt answer. Besides he was doing a good work here as a mod and as ED mentioned his action was the reason i came back...
  15. hando

    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    Hello Guys and Girls :) So you managed to drag me out of the shadow :) Impressive :) Anyway, here is quick info about current site/server status. As for today server is working and I can't see any reasons for anything that can change this situation. Backup of the database and the whole site...
  16. hando

    Future Gp2x Wiz Owners : Where Do You Live ?

    Poland ? LoL! Never heard. :)
  17. hando Down

    It was down and actually have no clue why. Time to look for a new home :)
  18. hando

    Deleted Topic About Next Gen Gp2x - Explanation

    I was asked by GPH to delete this topic because [...] Next version GP2X has lot of things to fix and decide yet. So our policy is keeping confidential until we fix everything not to repeat Nov 2005 incidents.[...]. And as we are trying to play fair with everybody I removed all post from this...
  19. hando

    What's Happened To

    Don't worry guys. Due to pandora release i'm thinking about changing something here and there but there are things in real life i have to handle first. Anyway, I hope you'll see some changes soon for example something similar to Chad's proposition. About new files box. The problem is that with...
  20. hando

    Joystick Replacement

    Somehow I fu**ed up my gp2x. My joystick is broken and I need to replace it. Does anyone know where I can buy one or what is code name or something for it ? Or mayb e someone has broken unit and can send it to me? Any help would be appreciated :)