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    Usb-c is taking over on the market and it will be everywhere soon, on smartphones AND on laptop. - Usb-c has more features than micro 3.0, - Mirco 3.0 is already rare and will be more and more. - Micro usb 3.0 is the only 3.0 port we have and it is a very rare port so to have 3.0 speed you have...
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    Is the font for Pyra set?

    What can we do for the Pyra font?
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    Pyra Font

    Hi everybody, it's been a while since I haven't posted. I remembered we was talking about the font for Pyra more than one year ago and nothing was decided, even if ED put a logo with a font on the header as far as I recall it's something ED put here just to put something  and not as the final...
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    Pyra as a Game Controller, Keyboard and Mouse.

    To use Pyra as keyboad and mouse for a computer or a tablet, and as game controller for pc or consoles, via usb and bluetooth would be a great feature. Can something be done on the Pyra at a hardware level to allow that easily?
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    Will you use the Pyra as a phone?

    Interesting questions after the other thread controversy, let's take a look of what people think they will do.
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    E-ink Screen

    It may seems to be an incongruous, stupid idea. But I think it can be done and it would give to Pyra a lot. I thought to this when I saw this I know that Eink screens are: cheap, very thin and very low power-consumption. Like you can see with this watch: So the idea is to put a e-ink...