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    I Need People To Test My Game

    Hi! I'm currently developing a tile enigine adventure for PC (dos). If you want to help me you can go to my site and dl the current demo and tell me on my board if it runs on your system. You can also tell me what you think so far about the demo. Or if you are able to do grafix and you have...
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    Roms at ebay?

    Somebody is sellin a cd (oh no 9 cds) with games for neo geo, ngp, gg, snes, megadrive.... at ebay (germany) for 20 Euros! I don't think that this is legal??
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    On the site of the programmer (CrossOver) of GPPang the last entry is from 09 July 2003. The sourcecode WAS available on the programmers site. I just wondered if anyone is working on this game!? And: Is the sourcecode still available somewhere else? Thx!
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    Yeti Engine download?

    I wanted to download the 3d engine but the link is not working. :( Where have u donwloaded it? :blink: THX!
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    SVCD to DIVX

    Hi. I just wondered how i can convertd (s)vcd to divx. I have a (s)vcd but i want to watch the movie on my gp. But i think (my) virtual dub can't do this. do i hav to install some drivers? or is vd not able to this at all? any other prog available? thx for ur help!
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    Puzzle Fighter on Gp32?

    Hi. I just wondered for which systems Super Puzzle Fighter 2 is available for. I love this game and i want to play it on my GP. I know that there are versions for pc and gba (and playstation? i dont know). But are there any versions of the game the GP can emulate? Would be great if you can...
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    Import a gp?

    Hello! I'm planning to buy a gp soon. next month i think. (just have to wait to get some money =) But now i read something about an european release off the gp 32 in this forum. Does anyone know when this will be? What would u say. Should i just import one (i'm living in germany) or wait for...