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    Gp2x For Sale Plus Official Ac/dc Adapter

    The GP2X unit I used for review on my website and is up for sale. Only used a few days. No dead pixels etc 1.2.1 firmware feel free to upgrade it. Also comes with the official GamePark GP2X AC/DC adapter. The only thing is that the plastic screen protector is scratched a bit on...
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    Gamers Galaxy Reviews The Gp2x

    We recieved our unit and decided to give it a whirl. This comprehensive review should help you decided whether you want to get one or not. Watch out for the special PSP readable E-Magazine version of the review coming very soon. Enjoy and regards. Review Gamers Galaxy
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    Information Gathering For Gp2x Review

    Hey fellas. Well my GP2X replacement review unit arrived today after the unfortunate death of the first one for no real reason. I've only had a bit of time to play around with it, hopefully I can use it more when I'm back home tonight. Initial impressions are good. If someone can provide me a...
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    GP32 Gp32 Coding Comp

    Ok 45 day coding comp. Whether you want to enter is up to you. Only a few sites bothered to post the news (guess everyone else thinks its competition or doesn't bother to support the homebrew scene) so your chances are good. I've asked for some more prizes which may actually appeal to GP32...
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    Gamers Galaxy Psp Ds & Gp32 Coding Competition

    Gamers Galaxy ( is holding a coding competition for the PSP, DS and GP32 handheld systems. Unfortunately the GP2X is not available yet so it will not be in this competition. The competition is for original Homebrew Games, Applications or Emulators for the PSP or DS system...
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    Psp Ds Coding Competition

    Since you all seem friendly here ;) I was wondering if people know any sites I should conatact that would be willing to post news about the Gamers Galaxy coding competition (in my sig if you want to have a look). So far I've contacted GP2X...
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    Any Devs Need Webhosting

    If any serious GP2X devs need webhosting, I'll be glad to help you out. I'll also give you your own forum and design a page for you if you want. It's a good way to communicate to your fans :) Anyway that's all from me. Just post here or pm me :).
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    Well since I don't see an introduce yourself forum I thought I'd introduce myself here since I source news from this great site ;) . Hi I'm a handheld and gaming enthusiast like yourselves and run in which I also support the new GamePark handheld. I hope to inform...