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  1. Mistabeen

    Caanoo / WIZ Where Do I Start To Develop For The Caanoo?

    Hey all, I'm looking into ordering a caanoo, it seems like a nice little handheld. But with this and combined with my spare time I'm looking into learning to program for the Caanoo. I have very little programming experience. I know some web programming and some flash AS, so afaik it'll be...
  2. Mistabeen

    Dingux Frontend

    Booboo from Dingux has been looking into porting a frontend to work on the Dingoo. Dingux frontend I think this is yet another step in the right direction for the dingoo
  3. Mistabeen


    Does anyone know if it's possible to port stepmania to the wiz? I know it might be a bit too much for the wiz, seeing as stepmania is able to render full motion video and 3d characters onscreen too. But there's always the possibility for an interpreter for the stepfiles, perhaps even based on...
  4. Mistabeen

    Mounting A Cd Or Dvd Image?

    I don't know allot about linux (I only ran ubuntu for a few months, so that should say enough ^^) so therefore this question. Will it (most likely) be possible to mount a CD or DVD image on the pandora? Seeing as the pandora doesn't have a Drive to read them.
  5. Mistabeen

    Backlit Keyboard?

    I'm just wondering since I haven't found this in the FAQ on the wiki. The pandora has the circle lights around the analog sticks, but will it also have a backlit keyboard? This would come in very handy in darker situations. In case it does, can it be switched on and off? And Can you switch of...