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    The Future of Pyra's CPU

    THAT would be awesome! A Micro Pyra Server :D
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    Charging time

    So no random USB-C device burning behavior on Pyra? :/ Like always, we seem to be unable to keep up with all this modern top of the art features...
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    Surprise Attack!

    Wandering Pyra! :D But do that without a list. Instead, mail it like a chain letter ^^
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    A few Colors and Packages (with a poll!)

    No no, you misunderstood my point! (Ok, I wasn't clear at all ^^") I know the "bigger one" is still some sort of comboport (BTW, the adapter should be passive, like some kinda brakoutboard). I was referring to the fact that the comboport has to be bigger/has another formfactor than the other...
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    A few Colors and Packages (with a poll!)

    "Don't mind the gap.", well said ED :'D BTW, I was always wondering, why the standart USB Ports on the back are different? Since there is no more comboport, it would have been possible to use the same ports. This looks kinda strange to have those two different holes :/ To you question about...
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    Pyra Settings UI

    How about using a checkbox to "invert scroll direction" (aka "naural scrolling" under ubuntu)? That would be the most familiar thing to set up the scroll speed, no negative values would be needed.
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    Let's talk colors!

    He will poison us all! :eek: xD
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    Minecraft on the Pyra?

    Different version, yes. But I tried it with the old version too and nothing... I never had mods on the Pandora and the world was newly generated. I had optifine installed after I had only around 5 FPS without it, but it worked. However, it's not that I must have Minecraft on the Pandy, since she...
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    Minecraft on the Pyra?

    But why did it work when I tried it when it was released? I've never set one up before. o.O
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    How to remove the color on the case?

    My uncle is a carpenter, so he has one. :) But I'm worried, that he uses the wrong pressure and the case gets broken :/
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    Minecraft on the Pyra?

    Since I didn't change any settings, exept updating the OS, I assume there should be one enabled? Have to give it a look... :)
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    How to remove the color on the case?

    The problem with repainting the case is, that after some time, that color would disappear, like it happend with the silver one. :/ Wouldn't a sandblaster be a better idea? But all the cases are AFAIK coloured in silver :(
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    Project F. Aka Little Fighter 2, copyright free Open source code

    Really nice project! I loved LF2 and spent hours playing it with friends ^^ But they still have to improove a lot! The AI seems to be a little stupid right now and the standart keyboard settings seem quite odd to me. But I would love to see it on the Pandy/Pyra! :D
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    Touchscreen gestures?

    I thought the Pyra will only have some sort of "fake" multitouch? I remember ED saying, it will only recognize a second fingertip and allow basic functions like rotate and so on.
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    Minecraft on the Pyra?

    I don't know what happened since the real Minecraft was "released" on Pandora, but on my 1 GHz one, it doesn't work anymore :/ Back then it was running fine, but now it crashes claiming about not enough ram...
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    How to remove the color on the case?

    Hi guys, I'm just curious about to know how I could "clean" my Pandy from that silver color, without damaging the case? It's just that after some years of usage, there are spots where the color is already gone and that makes the Pandy look less... elegant might be the right word ^^ Also I...
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    Using Pyra CPU Board for other purposes

    That's really nice to hear! :D But I have doubts that this type of connection will turn into a standart. The SO-DIMM factor seems to be that one, which is mostly used for such computing boards. Sure, there are custom ones too (which also seem to use the same connector as the pyra board, just...
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    Using Pyra CPU Board for other purposes

    I think releasing the pinout should be absoludely possible. Yep, the single-connector-design is the best option for those who want to create their own daughterboards. I never expected it would be compatible to the Raspi pinout. ;) But it would be nice to know if the present connectors pass...
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    Actual specs?

    I was relating to the capacity of the battery. ED already gave clear informations about that ;) And you're right, 2 GB of RAM would be nice too, but to be honest, I dislike the idea of creating a second batch with doubled RAM. If the price won't change a lot, this would be kind of unfair to...
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    Using Pyra CPU Board for other purposes

    Hello guys, maybe some of you already know the concept of a SOM (System on a Module). Basically it's the same concept as ED tried to realize in the Pyra: creating a module which contains all the main parts of a computer. In this way all needed peripheral devices can be placed on a separate...