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    Pandora Rendering issues on CC pandoras

    Hi, It seems that the opengles drivers for the cc pandoras have a bug ( see ) I suspect it has something to do with glTexSubImage2D not working correctly. Does anybody know of a workaround for this? As I do not own a CC...
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    Release Extreme Tux Racer

    The port of Extreme Tux racer is online : It's based on version 0.6 beta1 from It still has some graphical glitches and runs quite slow (~ 20 fps) but it's playable. I've not yet done...
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    Release AstroMenace

    I've just uploaded a beta version of AstroMenace to the repo (see I had to remove some graphic effects and use the lowest available graphical settings to get it playable on the pandora. (On my rebirth unit I manage to keep the game...
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    Optimizing Astromenace

    Hello, I've ported Astromenace to the Pandora (see ). The game basically runs with a few graphical glitches ( the starfield is not rendered correctly). B) As it's very sloooow (5-10 fps maximum), what is the best approch to optimize it? - I've...
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    Release PipeWalker

    Hi everyone, I've just uploaded the port of PipeWalker (see ) to the repo : http://repo.openpand...&app=pipewalker . It's my first try of porting a game from opengl to opengles (thanks to the tutorial in the wiki :) ). Please tell me if something is...
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    Pandora PND startscript

    Hi, I've generated a startscript for my pnd following the PND cookbook from the wiki (see ). However I don't understand how the current directory is handled. As stated in the wiki, calling `pwd` will get the appdata entry for the application, but...
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    usb networking

    Hi, Is there a possibility to get network access through an usb ethernet adapter with the .next image? AFAIK the scripts and tools for USB networking (/etc/init.d/usb-gadget and /etc/init.d/usbhost (?) ) are not available in the current image. Thanks in advance dbluelle
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    Release Einstein's Puzzle

    Hello everyone, I've ported Einstein's puzzle (see ) to the pandora. The only changes to the original are: - make the resolution fit to the screeen of the pandora (the original is for 800x600 pixels) - the left and right mouse clicks are mapped to...