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  1. Garrett

    PS4's Spiderman retro trailer

    Thought this deserved it's own thread, put together by YouTube user Ascender. Ah, the memories that tune brings back..
  2. Garrett

    How do I check my previous posts here?

    I'm afraid I suffer from memory problems these days & always have the feeling I'm repeating a post particularly when it's music related. A few pointers would be appreciated..
  3. Garrett

    Okami HD

    Just a heads up for those out there that weren't aware it's now out on PC, Xbone & PS4 Not sure why I never got round to playing this on the PS2/3 & but am now really looking forward to experiencing it for the first time, heard it's limited to 30fps & is lacking in...
  4. Garrett

    Anyone else here have a track/s that never fails to turn on the waterworks?

    I've quite a few as I'm a soppy old sod.. but the one that never fails to get me shedding every time I hear it is the Crash Test Dummies Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm as it was a particular favorite of a bloke who was a hero in my life & will for the rest of it, now long gone (but never forgotten) I'm sorry...
  5. Garrett

    A game about depression/mental health 'Please Knock on My Door is a story-driven game which gives you control over a person suffering from depression and social anxiety. Help them get through work and reach out to friends while desperately trying to survive. Experience the frailty these themes bring...
  6. Garrett

    Mr Minter's Tempest 4000 gameplay..

    I suspect most here ain't exactly unfamiliar with this one.. but at least now we know it's coming XBONE, PS4, PC and there's none of the nonsense that occurred with his Vita TxK. Happy Days! (for me at least)
  7. Garrett

    Secret of Mana is being remastered

    PS4, Vita, PC but no Nintendo support.. mighty odd considering the games history, but hey at least it's coming & I suppose there's always an outside chance it may happen for the Switch eventually. Not too sure about the voices/visual style but it'll most probably grow on on me as long as long as...
  8. Garrett

    Rez (infinite) finally out on PC

    It's a fantastic port (although I'm probably not the most unbiased) £15.99 until 16/8 then £19.99 on Steam Fully supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Mouse/Keyboard. & Area X is a euphoric experience .. can we please have a Rez 2 soon Mr Mizuguchi..
  9. Garrett

    Normalizing Mp3's

    I'm looking for some software that can normalize the volume levels between music tracks of different genres when you're throwing together a compilation.. I used to use MP3 Gain which was great but it doesn't work on Windows 10, I know there is a lot of software out there but I need something...
  10. Garrett

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 prototype walkthrough

    I'd be astonished if this turns out the way Ancel intends, ambitious doesn't begin to cover it!.. but if I was betting that any dev/studio would actually manage to pull it off he'd probably to be on the shortlist..
  11. Garrett

    Anything you'd like to see at E3 2017?

    Games I mean.. I'd like to see more of the incoming God of War, which is likely I'd say.. something/anything on Cyberpunk 2077 which is very unlikely a bit more Darksiders 3, some Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy 7, Shenmue 3, Code Vein, Death Stranding, The Bard's Tale IV, a new Elder...
  12. Garrett

    Anybody else here use songs to court their significant other?

    I remember making a random compilation that I planted in my potential partners bag (didn't go quite as I was hoping at the time as I was noticed & reported as a thief!) I think it must have helped though as we are still together after 15 years. Here's a few.. That's all I can remember...
  13. Garrett

    Interesting breakdown of Planescape Torment

    There's got to be a few here that will find this as fascinating as I did, I have completed the game a long time ago & did enjoy it but think I'll be replaying soon after watching this especially now the enhanced edition is available..
  14. Garrett

    Pikmin 2 in first person

    Now this looks pretty damn funky.. Hope the guy manages to complete.
  15. Garrett

    Your Favourite Music videos?

    Apologies to all that are fed up with my lists but I've been reminiscing this evening & this thread is the result.. I'll limit myself to the older stuff (first) I'm guessing most are gonna be pretty obvious simply because there were far fewer (good ones!) back in the early days...
  16. Garrett

    Paprium (new Megadrive game)

    From the same devs that did the great little RPG Pier Solar comes.. After more than 4 epic years of development, WaterMelon Games is proud to present its new 16-Bit game: PAPRIUM (code-name: "ProjectY"), a postapocalyptic, outrageous, street brawler. PAPRIUM has been crafted at WM's Magical...
  17. Garrett

    Nex Machina

    I'm now a happier person as this great looking Eugene Jarvis/Housemarque collaboration is coming to PC as well as PS4 and I do love my twin stick shooters. Roll on 'Summer'
  18. Garrett

    Narita Boy

    Attention action platformer fans..
  19. Garrett

    Mechwarrior 5 is coming

    Alas not until 2018 but the game is going back to it's singleplayer roots which is great news afaic..
  20. Garrett

    The Signal From Tolva

    A heads up for those unaware as I think this has some potential.. I'd never heard of it & I'm guessing I'm not the only one.