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  1. Stainy

    Wanting someone to update Beebdroid. Money waiting :)

    Hi all. While waiting for the Pyra I got myself a GPD XD+ to fill my retro gaming slot. I sold my Pandora last year ( obviously too early ) Beebdroid ( BBC Microcomputer emulator ) on the play store hasn`t been updated since 2015.. I have a version that allows you load your own images...
  2. Stainy

    GPD XD plus

    I`ve made some cash designing and printing some parts.. I think i`m going to treat myself to one of these! It will tire me over till the Pyra :) Anyone else have one? I have a few nice big sdcards so I don`t need one with huge storage. Just need a case and the unit..
  3. Stainy

    SOLD - 1GHZ Pandora, Lots of working spares, screen, batt etc. PRICE DROP

    Looking to sell my 1GHZ Pandora Here`s my 1GHZ Pandora. You`ll notice it`s split colour with the black and silver. I replaced the screen cable about 8 months ago. Everything works, dpad nubs etc. ( I was one of the lucky ones ) ;) No scratches, marks or dents.. Extra include:- Office soft...
  4. Stainy

    Nextbit Robin

    I just ordered one... Couldn`t pass it up $117 ) instead of $300 odd... Anyone have one?
  5. Stainy

    Screw in joystick

    Not sure whether it`s too late, maybe it can be modded after the fact but.. A little joystick that could be screwed into the middle of the D-pad would be great. I guess it couldn`t be too long as it might break the Dpad if your too rigorous with it. Not sure what handheld I had that had this...
  6. Stainy

    Prince has died.

    It`s starting to spread, but TMZ has reported that Prince has died at his recording studios. :(
  7. Stainy

    Player Manager ( Amiga ) remake

    The Player Manager 2015 Faithful remake of the 1990 hit Player Manager ..   Inlcudes the original gameplay and more.   Better physics. ( collision & tackles ) More kits, different hair and skin colour. 73 different leagues to choose from ( 3000 club teams ) . English, Italian, French...
  8. Stainy

    Massive power drain.

    So this happened last night.. and in total, it`s happened two or three times now.. I charged my Pandora yesterday... till it was full... closed the lid, this morning, opened it up.. Dead!!  nothing.. I`m charging now.. any ideas?
  9. Stainy

    Huh? (ZX Speccy Vega crowdfunding) Looks very odd..
  10. Stainy

    The Player Manager

    Amiga and ST game Player Manager remake... Runs just like the original... but a WHOLE lot better :) Version 0.6 has been release. OSX added to this release. Changelog: 1) New stadiums 2) Players with different skin and hair colors 3) Better AI regarding fouls 4) Added Play as a Goalkeeper...
  11. Stainy

    Player Manager ( Amiga ) update!!! The beta is available for Windows, Android and Flash, although the flash version has some limitations. This is brilliant if you loved Player Manager by Anco on the Amiga or ST. Updated the original game with lots of improvements and additions.. Different pitches...
  12. Stainy

    Menu weirdness

    This has annoyed for for a long time.. I`ll try and explain. Clicking on the Pandora icon ( menu pops up ) good  :) click on games once ( nothing ) twice ( nothing ) third time ( games open up )  this happens with all the items on my start menu. I just want it games to open when I click on...
  13. Stainy

    Pandora plus adapter plus kick off 2 = brilliant

    Just hooked up my usb to d type joystick adapter I used on my PC to the pandora.. Now with uae4all I can play kick off 2 properly :) throw in my tv out cable in there and job done :) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. Stainy

    Boxed Gizmondo. Complete.

    Any interest in a boxed Gizmondo. Comes boxed and complete with demo SDCARD, ear buds, power supply, cables and quick start guide.
  15. Stainy

    Renaming SD cards

    Hey, I recently upgraded my class 4 cards to class 10 They are named SDCARD blah blah.. I want to rename the to what the class 4 cards were called. I can't seem to do it..I can't click properties and change the name. I thought " oh let me try un mounting first.." That failed, with a message...
  16. Stainy

    Gp2X F100 For Sale In Uk

    Hi.   I have a GP2x F100 for sale in the UK  £50 incl shipping  
  17. Stainy

    Nubs in joystick mode after sleep!

    This has happened twice now.. after coming back to my Pandora... both nubs don`t respond.. I found out that both went into joystick mode... Last time it happened I had played Flare... so I thought it might be that ( fired it up.. played a bit and exit`d ) nope.. both nubs ok... any ideas...
  18. Stainy

    Desktop-mouse/nub highlight actions.

    How can I change how my Pandora reacts when the pointer is over an icon? currently it seems to auto select it...  I want to change this to ( what I see as ) normal.. where you left click on the icon to highlight.. any ideas? Darren
  19. Stainy


    Just been given a boxed Gizmondo.. Now what? :) Sent from my Amiga using the cli.
  20. Stainy

    Network music player

    So... is there a music player than can play music that I have on my NAS?? I want something with a gui preferably! Took a look on the repo but couldn`t see anything :(