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  1. Pleng

    New Hope For Android On The Pandora?

    Hi Don't really pay much attention to the Pandora scene so I don't know if anybody's already discovered this or not, but there now seems to be phones using the same chipset as the Pandora and they are running Ice Cream Sandwich. I don't know how much work would be involved in getting the ROM...
  2. Pleng

    New Baddas Lookign Android Handheld

  3. Pleng

    Gcw Zero - Discussions

    Does anybody know anything about this?. Any info on who's doing it? Is it legit?
  4. Pleng

    Sega Rally 2006 On Ps2

    Hi there I have recently acquired Sega Rally 2006 for the PS2. Being the nostalgic that I am I was looking at how easy or difficult it would be to replace the music and sound effects with ones from the original game. It came as a suprise to me then, that when browsing the BGM0 directory...
  5. Pleng

    What I Miss

    From various parts of my life, and listed in no particular order... What I miss: Being excited about new games and technology, waiting for the latest copy of whatever magazine I got at the time to drool over pictures of new games and new consoles (32X, Jaguar) that I'd never be able to afford...
  6. Pleng

    Wii Bundle (Uk) - Sonic 4, Mario Kart, Sports Resort

    Wii Console 3 * WiiMote, 2 * Motion Plus, 1 Nunchuck, 2 Wheels, USB Ethernet adapter, Component cable Mario Kart, Sports Resport, Wii Play, Sonic 4, Homebrew Channel (megadrave, snes emeulators, media player etc...) £120 Shipped
  7. Pleng

    (Uk) 32Gb Class 4 Sandisk Sd Card

    Hi there. I have a 32Gb SanDisk SD card for sale. It was a happy part of my Pandora setup for about a year, but now the Pandora has gone and I have no real use for it Looking for £25, will be shipped by recorded delivery
  8. Pleng

    What Are All These Dingoos?!

    Dingoo 330EX on ebay Looks like a standard Dingoo in a hoopy new case? No technical specs in the listing. Dingoo a380 on ebay Appears to be a a 330 in a more traditional Dingoo style case, but with horribly coloured buttons! Are these items official? Legit? Anybody know anything about them????
  9. Pleng

    (Uk) Pandora For Sale

    Hi there My Pandora doesn't get used as much as it should these days so it would be much better in the hands of somebody who has the time to use it. It includes 2*32Gb SD Cards and is in good condition, although missing the stylus (you can get NDS stylus on ebay for virtually no money and the...
  10. Pleng

    Video: Ohhie Gui

    This is a demonstration of a full-screen, multi-tasking operating environment for the Pandora. It is hacked together using the XFCE Panel, MatchboxWM, Thunar, and a few Bash scripts. As such it has a few flaws, such as Thunar having to restart any time a category, or home, is selected (the CPU...
  11. Pleng

    Formatting 64Gb Fat32 Partitions

    I just noticed that 64Gb SD cards are starting to be priced a little more reasonably, and this left me wondering. I know a couple of people here have had success formatting a 64Gb card with ext based file systems, but how about Fat32? I know Windows limits Fat32 partitions to 32Gb, but there are...
  12. Pleng

    Wtb: Chipped Or Japanese Ps2

    Hello I may be looking to purchase either of the following in the near future: A UK PS2 Ftted with a Mod chip allowing imported games to be played, orA Japanese PS2 with its power adapter modified to work in the UK (I am not concerned with whether the unit has been modified to run UK games or...
  13. Pleng

    Sonic's Sack

    I'm sure that when I first saw adverts or pre release promo material for the Sonic the Hedgehog on the Megadrive, there was a picture of Sonic, in Star Light Zone, carry a sack on his back. Does anybody else remember this? The sack certainly never appeared in game...
  14. Pleng

    A Few Retro Games Reviews

    I've reviewed a few retro games as part of a project I'm working on. At the moment there's 3 Amiga games and one Megadrive ROM hack. I will also be reviewing my Pandora if it ever gets back from repairs. edit: title is supposed to say: a few retro games reviews. coula a mod please fix. thanks :)
  15. Pleng

    Alien Breed 3D Remake

    Hi, just thought I'd bring attention to this rather awesome project I came across recently. Alien Breed 3D was my all time favourite 3D shooter (well, the only other one I really liked was Doom, but there you go). It was originally released for the Amiga 1200/4000/CD32 and whilst the game was...
  16. Pleng

    Forcing Firefox And Thunderbird To Quit After Timeout

    Guess here is as good a place as any to ask this question. I use Firefox and Thunderbird portable editions and I have them linked into my dropbox account so I can access them from all of my computers. The only trouble is that I tend to leave the applications open on one computer, forget about...
  17. Pleng

    P-N-D Installer

    Ignore the Windows 7 window decorations. The idea of this app is simple. The idea is that it would be installed on the NAND and associated with PND files. This would have two benefits. The first being that any time you clicked on a link in firefox, you'd be presented with this window as opposed...
  18. Pleng

    Memory (Ram) Fragmentation

    On Windows XP (not sure if it occurs on Win7 or not) there was an issue or RAM becoming fragmented, much in the same way Hard Disks would be, where programs running would occupy adjacent blocks of RAM and basically the more programs, especially small ones I presume, you had running, the smaller...
  19. Pleng

    Gingeing Up A Synth

    Hey I just saw a little synth for the GP2x here and just though 'wow thatd be nice GINGEd up in a PND'. I'd give it a go myself, but I've never used GINGE and don't actually have a Pandora to try it out with at the moment so I would be walking blind. I guess I'll give it a go when I get my...
  20. Pleng

    How Are You Feeling About The Pandora Today?

    This is a thread for those with too much time and too little to do. Will be an interesting way to monitors people's mood swings, and might just be the perfect area to vent frustrations without needing to 'troll' in other threads. Just write how you are feeling about the Pandora today. Sentences...