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  1. 2bit

    THE OFFICIAL Link is a boss thread :)

    I just wanted to say that after I realized my Pandora was missing a screw I notified Link and he sent me one free of charge . :D B) None of that Apple crap  ( or hp or dell or ...  just about any other computer company  ) that where after realizing something is missing you are forced to send...
  2. 2bit

    missing screw

    Hi everyone , been loving my Pandora ( who doesn't ? )  but a while back on the road to wizard world comic con I noticed my Pandora ( rebirth ) is missing a screw . It is the one on the bottom near the usb port ( never took it apart , ever ) :unsure: . Any idea where I could buy a new one ?
  3. 2bit

    3ds emulation

    Hello everyone , I own a 3ds . My sister IS always playing it - for some fashion design game . I found a 3ds emulator online . Told sister I would install it on home pc if she quit using MY 3ds . She refused . Please help me convince my sister to allow me to download the emulator and quit using...
  4. 2bit

    10 days till I have wifi :) !!!

    It's the final count down !! :) 10 days
  5. 2bit

    Retro Laptop Discussion (split from Introduce yourself thread)

    In that case what type of computer is that you have as your avatar ?
  6. 2bit

    Why are other sites getting free advertising here ?

    Moderators : please edit title and or punish me on title name if necessary , just needed to grab attention . Everybody else ( including mods ) : honestly I don't mind a little advertising now and again . The Pandora was born on gp2x . Sometimes advertisement can even be helpful . But...
  7. 2bit

    The solution to half your problems ( maybe ) !!!

    Why not create a kickstarter to fund the fulfillment of the Original pandora preorders with a voucher for 30 free credits to download several paid games on the pandora ( get several devs willing to give up a couple of weeks worth of pay on their pnds ) as the incentive to back .
  8. 2bit

    Super geometry dust not working

    Just downloaded super geometry dust from the repo :) . Unfortunately it does not run . Any ideas of what went wrong ? Thanks - 2bit
  9. 2bit

    Dreamcast : to region hack or to not region hack ?

    Hello , yesterday I bought a 1999 Dreamcast , 2 sega branded ( dreamcast ) controllers , a vmu , and a memory unit that can plug into the vmu slot . All for 22.50 usd $ ! My question to you is should I install the Modchip to get rid of region locks or not ? Your opinion is much appreciated .
  10. 2bit

    Please help this poor newb with PCSX ReARMed .

    I Am Sorry to bother you guys again - but I would like some help . Here is the problem : You know how you have to copy bios files to <SD>/pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/bios/ ... Well that's the bit I need help with . I would be extremely greatful for help , 2bit
  11. 2bit

    A little help with PCSX ReARMed r15 would be much appreciated .

    So ... I've decided to reuse this thread for a thing I haven't been able to figure ( ⬅ ha ! Got it ) out on PCSX ReARMed r15 : I got ( did not download it from cool roms ) the Iso of Metal Slug X then I attempted to put it in <SD >card>/pandora/appdata/PCSX_rearmed/bios/ how ever it says...
  12. 2bit

    The comepletely theoretical pandora related feasibility thread .

    Hey all you folks out there in the great blue beyond , how feasible would it be to Jerry - rig a go pro into a 1/10 scale helicopter then use a Pandora's touch screen to control the camera and the joysticks and buttons to fly the helicopter ? And then on top of that add a trapdoor to drop stuff...
  13. 2bit

    Hacked/rooted/ soft modding N3DS

    Hey I don't know if it's called hacking or rooting or softmodding when applied to the 3ds , but anyone know how to do any of the above without the purchase of r4 like device or without puting a modchip in my 3ds ( I would on a home console but wouldn't want to risk it on a handheld ) and if you...
  14. 2bit

    Some snot nosed brat kid is bugging you to answer his question .

    Hey , I the above mentioned Snot nosed brat have a question for you wizened tech wizard : I have a 2 dead pixels on my Pandora , how do I get rid of them ? Thanks in advance , 2bit .
  15. 2bit

    Thank you kind MODS !

    This is a place for the mods to let their hair down and a place for the rest of us who are to cheap to send cash or a liver ruining beverage to say thanks . I'll start : Thank you very much :) !
  16. 2bit

    How many North , central , south American Pandorians are there ?

    I'm from the Us of A am I alone in the New World ? You don't have to answer just thought I'd like to see how niche this awsome device is .
  17. 2bit

    Let's all Welcome PokeParadox To being a mod

    Wellcome and thanks goodluck
  18. 2bit

    How do you post a pic of your avatar ? ↖

    n00by I Know but I can't figure it out ! ⬆↖ you know that one right next to your name and time
  19. 2bit

    Virtual Boy

    Anyone else love the virtual boy ? Anyone own one and hate it ? Anyone emulate it ? Anyone think there should be virtual boy home-brew ? Anyone tired of me asking virtual boy related questions ? Well I own one and love the novelty .
  20. 2bit

    Just got a creepy ( no offense ) message

    Not trying to waste your time but I Just got a rather creepy letter from a person named sindalove a quote " the way you explain yours self gives me joy " I'm sorry if this offends them but thats much to personal for the forums of a micro linux laptop !