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  1. daveshah

    Production Pyra photos/videos/thoughts thread

    With the first production Pyra now in my hands :) it is time for some photos. First of all, the rather unassuming box (because ED hasn't got the real ones yet) I went for the dark chrome colour, which looks great IRL, I'd say these photos capture it quite well: This is using the SD card...
  2. daveshah

    TauonPC "computer in keyboard"

    Saw this mentioned in a Discord I'm in and don't think it has been brought up here, some people might be interested in it: It's Allwinner H3 based by the looks of things.
  3. daveshah

    How to log in to Pyra Wiki?

    I was hoping to fix/update some stuff on the Pyra Wiki. But I can't find any way of creating an account - it's different to the Pandora Wiki, right? - and neither does my forum login work. Is this another anti-spam thing where someone needs to create an account for me, or has integration with...
  4. daveshah

    Pal Or Ntsc

    I was wondering if the video output mode is selectable in the software, or comes hard-coded depending on where you pre-ordered; because I am having trouble getting an HP omnibook laptop's TV-Out to switch to PAL.
  5. daveshah

    Geda, Qucs And Similar

    Looking forward to :pandora1:. I just wanted to know how easy it would be to port an circuit simluator. This would be enough alone to get me to buy a :pandora1:. If it was easy enough to port I may have a go myself (decent knowledge of C/C++)