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  1. sswam

    Total War Master Collection for $15, regular price is $125.

    I'm selling a Total War Master Collection containing eight games, for $15. Empire: Total War Medieval II: Total War Napoleon: Total War Rome: Total War Total War Battles: SHOGUN Total War: SHOGUN 2 Total War: SHOGUN 2 - Fall of the Samurai Viking: Battle for Asgard This is from a recent humble...
  2. sswam

    Release "rocks" action game

    I wrote this game in 2003.  It's a bit like Asteroids but with gravity, no bullets, and worse graphics. You have to hit the rocks with the pointy bit of your ship.  It's quite hard.  I'll add music at some point.
  3. sswam

    free PC games (steam)

    I have spare steam keys for several games, mostly thanks to the Humble Bundle. Many of them should work on Mac and/or Linux in addition to Windows. Please tell me if you can provide a good home for some of these games! I will cross games off, and maybe add more games later. Feel free to give...
  4. sswam

    dumb question - run script / command at startup

    hi, I want to run a certain command each time the Pandora boots up. And I want to make an installer PND, which causes that command to be run at boot. Where's the best place to put my boot-time command or script? At the moment on my own Pandora, I'm adding a new little script in /etc/rc5.d/...
  5. sswam

    Penumbra collection for $2.49 is a steal

    I like Frictional games and Penumbra. Currently (Nov 1st) the Penumbra collection (3 parts) is on sale for $2.49 USD on Steam.  Seems like a bargain to me! I also picked up "Home" for ~74c, and L4D2 for $5.  Part of their Halloween Sale.
  6. sswam

    Release "balls" action game

    A very challenging game, written in 1 hour for Pandora. (trying to train myself to write games quickly) Don't expect CryEngine.
  7. sswam

    Craig Bashing

    Wouldn't it be nice if our threads didn't degenerate into a mindless frenzy of Craig-bashing? Perhaps the moderators could help with that - oh wait, most of the "moderators" are Craig-bashers too. <contempt> Thanks for the update MWeston, I hope you did get your hands on the second package...
  8. sswam

    What did you name your Pandora/s?

    Mine are called squig, floss, and tichy! For bonus points, what are you going to name your pandora 2? my PC laptop is called balrog
  9. sswam

    attempting to port Shadowgrounds

    I fixed a few minor issues in the shadowgrounds code, hacked around some issues with gtk/glib in our codeblocks.pnd, and managed to build it. But when I run it, after loading the resources and making the config file it exits with status 1. Tried with both mesa GL and lunixbochs libGL, same...
  10. sswam

    Open Indie Bundle (idea)

    I loved the original Humble Indie Bundle, and have been buying these bundles ever since. HIB is still very good, but they have been drifting further and further away from where they started. Here's a list of what I liked about the older bundles: - a variety of great games - at least 5 games...
  11. sswam

    Release Dillo - a fast light browser, without javascript

    I compiled the Dillo browser and posted a PND, on the repo. This is a good GUI browser for reading sensible websites. It's very light and efficient, and starts almost instantly. Just don't expect it to work well if javascript is required. This version does support CSS, don't expect layout to...
  12. sswam

    Penumbra: Overture (feasible?)

    I'm impressed with how well Aquaria runs on the Pandora, using lunixbochs' libGL. Penumbra: Overture was also open-sourced after the 1st humble indie bundle, and I'd like to try porting it with this excellent libGL. I'm creating this thread to chronicle my descent into madness! Anyone likes...
  13. sswam

    going full screen nicely with Xlib ... and, hardware scaler?

    My next Pandora coding issue, how best to go fullscreen in a plain Xlib app, without using SDL. There seem to be a few ways to do it, like: unsigned long valuemask = 0; XSetWindowAttributes attributes; if (fullscreen) { valuemask |= CWOverrideRedirect...
  14. sswam

    Release [Pre-Alpha] ArcEm - Acorn Archimedes Emulator

    I did a rough port of ArcEm today, seems to run some desktop apps and games okay. WARNING: this pre-alpha DOES NOT WORK if you have FAT32 on your SD cards! I will try to fix this asap, it is I think due to a bug with aufs (union filesystem) running on FAT32. I will do a quick work around for...
  15. sswam

    Release Cz programming language

    I made a half-baked programming language Cz, which is based on C. and now there is a PND of it. I don't really recommend anyone to use this, but yeah, there it is! I wrote in Cz, my game "rescue", a web server "tachyon" an DNS admin front-end "freens", and a whole lot of random examples /...
  16. sswam

    [Emulator] ArcEm ; [Application] PSP-Maps ; [Application] Cz language

    edit: I ended up submitting these: - [Emulator port]  ArcEm, an Acorn Archimedes / RISC OS Emulator, for games - [Application port]  PSP-Maps application port - [Application]  Cz - my half-baked but awesome programming language original post:   I will do a potpourri of little ports and...
  17. sswam

    Release PSP-Maps

    I ported PSP-Maps again This is a map viewer, can show google maps, open street map, and a whole lot of other online maps. It caches data, so can be used offline (for places you already saw). changes: - 800x480 - use pandora...
  18. sswam

    pandora retro concept art...?

    I remember seeing some concept art a while back with Pandora styled like all different retro computers - Amiga, Atari ST, BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum, etc.   but I can't find the link now.  It was featured on Pandora Press at one point.   ... where is it?  :) edit: Here it is!! thanks, Asmo! (and...
  19. sswam

    help develop the best damn programming language in the galaxy

    I want to finish creating a gobsmackingly awesome graphical programming language, based on math, data flow, and logic programmming. It will have clean concise textual notation in addition to the graphical notation (not unlike but more powerful than e.g. labview). It will be possible to code...
  20. sswam

    source code collection / repo, help needed

    >> hey there, Pandora developers! I am collecting source code for our PNDs, in git, at If you think this is a good idea, please tell me where I can find your source code! Some reasons to collect source code: copyleft - distributors must provide the source code on...