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    Help With The Name Of A Tank Game - Atari 800

    Would any 8bit Atarist here recall the name of the game in which you controlled a tank from a top-down perspective? All I can remember was that you progressed from the bottom of the screen to the top and the screen scrolled along as you did. Also I vaguely remember some kind of a space shuttle...
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    Sd Cards Case

    Although this is not anything Pandora-specific, I think it has not been discussed here yet. Considering the difference in price of the smaller SD cards and the larger ones is a lot in favor of the smaller ones, I presume I will not be the only one to buy several smaller ones. For various...
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    Critical For Guru

    No matter how much I dislike this kind of threads, I cannot help myself not to start one. I am sure that almost everyone who owns a GP2X has come to like at least one of the results of critical's work. He knows a lot about the GP2X and has been making it more and more worthy buying, recently...
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    Weird Pauses

    I wonder what is causing the irregular pauses on the GP2X. Other people mentioned this problem here but no one seems to know the cause. It is quite annoying when listening to music, for instance in OldPlay. At first, I thought it had to do with loading from the SD, hence the SD speed (mine is...
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    Want A Bite? I Feel Like Eating My Gp32 Up! :o)

    ...with GP32Extreme as a mustard ;)
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    Snes - Super Ufo Pro 7

    I have bought this nifty old backup device, but it comes with no manual. There are only few docs on the Internet so I wonder if anyone here has any version of Super UFO Pro too and could give me some hints?
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    Gp Book V1.2

    Another update: - added auto-scroll function for the lazier ones among us (3 speed levels) ;) - fixed (?) support for larger files, 1MB+ files should read ok - added blank lines limit - no empty screens anymore - drawing functions are now in asm and one or two more...
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    Game Music Remixes

    You probably already know these two sites with tons of game music remixes, but just to be sure: C64 game music remixes Various game music remixes And when I am at it, a bit og advertising cannot hurt anyone, so you may as well drop by at my small game music remixes site: WhiteFalcon's remixes
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    Gp Book V1.1

    Again, announcing an update of GP Book, the changes follow: - now supports texts in Czech, German, French, Spanish, Italian and probably some other languages as a side effect :P - fixed several bugs in the word-wrapping routine - slight change of the font - new splash screen
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    Gp Book V1.0

    Just want to announce that another text viewer for the GP32 is out. I sent the package to the news mail adress so hopefully it will appear on the main page sometime in the near future along with the specs.
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    Worms (genesis)

    I have just tried running Worms (8) in fGen and then in DrMD, but in both emulators I get a message telling me that the game is made for usage only on PAL systems. Is there any way to convert the rom to NTSC then? European version of games usually works fine, but I havent found any other version...
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    Apple 2 Gs Emulator?

    There are already many great emulators for the GP32 and though it would be cool to have an Amiga 500 emulator there too, I doubt the resulting speed (at least at 133MHz). As I have been browsing the museum of Old Computers, I stumbled upon one of the Apple 2 computers which may be a good one to...
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    Any Gp32 Owner From Czech Republic?

    ...or am I the only one? :unsure:
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    Smc Extraction Tip

    First I want to say this WILL NOT allow you to play cracked games or game demos, but if you need to extract your SMCs (like I need when toying with file saving and looking what was created - meaning with GeePee32) you can use a tool called GP32 Developer Tool. Maybe it is already known to many...
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    Could anyone make some sort of tutorial how to mod the CHA-01 chatboard to be able to connect it to GP32? I know about the large pic Mr. Spiv placed on his page, but this doesnt show the other end of the cable (when using a connector and a cable, not a hands-free set cable) and also there is no...