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    What is new?

    I got my pandora a year ago or so... By the time I'd gotten it I had sort of moved on from the idea. I had wanted one since I preordered the first day they were offered. I kept it around in case I used it and I've powered it on... maybe 4 times? Back then it would've been perfect for me. It's...
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    PND Maker

    just started on this. Is there anyone with a Pandora that can get on IRC or PM me and test out a pnd for me in the next 30 minutes? want to make sure my app isn't building nonworking PND's.
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    Your pandora has been shipped

    What a surreal e-mail to wake up to... I'm still having trouble believing this isn't a dream. Someone pinch me? For the record I was told I was 850-950 in Craig's queue. Anyone know how long it'll take to ship to Texas? My apartment is going to hate me for the next few weeks as I stop in every...
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    ID Software

    ID Software is (probably) moving into the building I work in! That means -- John Carmack might actually see a pandora someday, if I'm riding up in the elevator with him. Wouldn't that be something? I'll be sure to have Doom 3 and Quake III loaded to show it off to him! In this thread: What...
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    Where is the news?

    I was under the impression that we would hear from Trey on Wednesday. It's now the end of Thursday. I didn't see anywhere on the boards with an update, and neither is there one on Pandorapress. What's the hold-up? Did he get in to see the boards? Does no news mean bad news?
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    When Am I Getting My Pandora?

    Alright, I don't know if you guys remember me but I used to be pretty active around here. I kept up my pandora lust for 2 years now. I preordered 3 hours after orders opened, and reordered within a few days of getting the notification. I could have done a huge amount of development work if I'd...
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    Pic's With Usb Support

    Now before you go RAWRR RABIDPOOBEAR IS IT USB2.0 OR NOT?!?! here's why I ask the question: I'm going to build some devices (eg. a MIDI foot controller, some human interface devices, etc.) and I'd like to use PIC's as my microcontrollers of choice. However, I don't want to have to use a hub...
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    Live Stream?

    Has anyone found one? And if so, can you record it? I'd really like to see the presentation, but I'm guessing we're mostly going to just see whatever video interviews come out of it... It should be starting in a few hours, I think. Anyway, I've mostly exhausted my google-fu looking for live...
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    Pandora Google Go On Pandora

    Have you guys heard of Google's new programming language? Robert Pike and Ken Thompson are core developers. It's got a lot of support for multicore / concurrency business that wouldn't help on Pandora, but it also seems like a fast-running, fast compilin' (as in, you could probably...
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    Keyboard Rollover

    Hey guys, I tried searching for this, and couldn't find anything, but it may be because of the term I used (am I the only one that refers to simultaneous keypresses as "rollover"?) Anyway, the problem is this: I have a Nokia E71x. It's a really fantastic phone, great battery life, WiFi, cheap...