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  1. jph_iterationGAMES

    Caanoo / WIZ Is Anyone Using Penjin On The Caanoo?

    Just searching for a bit of a leg up engine wise for some simple C++ dev,. this looks interesting,. . Anyone get this working on the Caanoo?
  2. jph_iterationGAMES

    Super Pikix

    I was looking for info. on the EXT port pinouts and happend on this site; It looks like some interesting video performace software is comeing soon to the Caanoo! also a GBA version is availible now for emu (demo and a full ver for sale) PS2 version also,. . some...
  3. jph_iterationGAMES

    Jph's First Caanoo Game

    Ok, I have been messing about with nlove the beta of the Love2D Game-Engine runtime ported by SiENcE. It is quite fun to get something running on the Caanoo. I have a basic game working, just a very simple robotron style shooter,. Stick to move, YAXB to fire in the four cardinal directions. If...
  4. jph_iterationGAMES

    Usb Connection Without Pulling Cable?

    How can I re-establish the USB connection, for file transfer, without re-booting or pulling and reinserting the cable?? Thanks.
  5. jph_iterationGAMES

    Zgameeditor - Some Porting Considerations,. .

    ZGameEditor [ ] is an open source game engine development tool. The IDE provides realtime design editing previewing and building. I have been using this for the past couple years to build games and prototypes. Currently you can build executables for Windows, Linux...
  6. jph_iterationGAMES

    A Port Of Colors! - Anyone Willing ?

    I have Colors! on my DS and it is a rather unique and cool drawing app. I lov the way it re-draws your drawing when you load it,. and there is even a way to ad these to a web site; I emailed the developer to see if a Caanoo port was possible and got this reply; You can find his email on his...