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    Quad-Ren 0.5 Released

    Quad-ren is a resolution independent 2D graphics engine which focuses on minimalism and follows the suckless philosophy. The applications created with Quad-ren are always resizeable, either running in a window or full screen, allowing them to work flawlessly with a wide range of screen...
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    Quad-Ren Python bindings

    I have bean working on a python binding for Quad-Ren, currently it is incomplete, but qr_renderer, qr_quad, qr_line, qr_sprite, vector2d_f and vector2d_i are available. See the attachment for the source code. To compile the bindings you need to have QR installed and have the python and...
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    Call for help: Quad-Ren cross platform testing.

    QR *Should* be platform independent as it only uses cross-platform libraries, however I have only tested it on Linux, and when benjymous tried to compile it with MSVC (thread on the other forum, unfortunately not assessable right now) the engine was crashing in the libpng code, which suggests...
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    Quad-Ren scripting language

    If you don't already know what QR is see I am considering Integrating a scripting language into QR, the question is which one, Currently I am considering Lisp, Lua, Python or possibly creating something completely new from scratch, any suggestions? Incase...
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    Quad-ren 0.4

    Quad-Ren is a resolution independent 2D graphics engine that aims to ease the development of bitmap-based applications, primarily games. Applications using Quad-Ren will function the same regardless of screen resolution or aspect ratio, windowed or fullscreen. Version 0.4 adds a number of...
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    When Is The Forum Going To Be Fixed?

    As you already know, ever since the forum went down it has bean imposable to post URLs and images without the forum messing up, unless the URL is put in code tags. Any idea when this is going to be fixed?
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    Quad-ren 0.2

    After a lot of re-writing, Quad-Ren 0.2 is finished. This release adds a global resource manager to clean up resources, and the capability of rendering 2D polygon meshes, not just quads. Quad-Ren is now located on CODE About...
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    Should I Use Stl Containers?

    As OpenGL requires a C style array for glVrtexPointer() and related functions, a dynamic array is necessary. I was wondering if the use of STD::vector here would create any major performance decrease, and should be creating this with new/malloc instead. Thanks.
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    Quad-ren 2d Graphics Engine

    Quad-Ren is a free, open source(LGPL), resolution independent 2D graphics engine with the primary focuses being on simplicity and minimalism. It was developed primarily for creating 2D games, with features such as built in support for animations. Though there is nothing to prevent it from being...
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    2d Vector Collision Detection

    Say I have a vector[V1], which over one frame moves to the point[V2]. Slap bang in the middle of the two points is a triangle, defined by the points P1, P2 and P3, The problem is that V1 is moving so fast it completely skips over the triangle. The solution that I have come up with is to take...
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    Rotating A Vector Around Another Vector

    Say I have a 2D vector 'C' which is located at (0,0), and a second 2D vector 'O' which should 'orbit' around 'C' at angle 'A' and at a distance of 'D'. How would this be implemented? Preferably without using matrices, as they go strait over my head :(. Thanks.
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    Compressing/decompressing Image Data In Real-time

    I have a 2D game which is currently written using Irrlicht, and am thinking of re-writing in SDL. An ongoing problem Ive had with it is the very high ram usage(around a gig), this is partly caused by Irrlichts power of 2 limitation(hence re-writing in SDL), requiring the use of a large amount of...
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    Ds Homebrew

    I have a original fat Nintendo DS and am wondering what I would actually need to be able to run home-brew and emulators on it, and where I could get that in the UK? Thanks.
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    The Bird And Prey

    which do you prefer. shadow or no shadow
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    Uniform Command Line Interface Across Emulaters.

    Just a suggestion, if all the emulators have a uniform CLI interface, at least as far as ROM loading goes. CODE emulator /path/to/ROM.whatever It would be easy to create a graphical front end that asotiates a extension with a specific emulator. because of this having a unique ROM browser in...
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    Dsp Can Play Mp3, What About Flac/ogg?

    There has been allot of discussion on the dsp being able to play mp3 in some lo power mode. but what about a format that actually sounds good like FLAC? for me mp3, no matter what bit rate, always sounds very 'tinny' in the high frequancys.
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    Movement Physics In 2d Platformers

    firstly this is not currently running on the gp2x, partly because I don't have one, partly because its programmed using irrlicht and partly because it uses600-700 meg of ram for storing a large number of quite high res sprites :lol:. I am making a 2D platformer called "(don't) squash the...
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    Best Psx Games

    what (in your opinion) are the best PSX games, besides FF7