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    The feeling of getting your home server hacked

    Hey, i run a little home server too. I used the tips from this guide lately With the mentioned tools and tricks it is possible to check the own home server for holes. I found some things in the configuration of my webserver.
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    Release Announcing Platform Game for Pandora

    shut up and take my money. Oh, it's free? Then take my R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
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    Kleines Review nach 1 Monat

    Das mit dem Umlaute zusammenstellen funktioniert auch wirklich gut. Man muss zwar erst die Tastenkombinationen lernen, aber wenn man sie einmal kann, geht es recht flott von der Hand.
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    What Music DEFINES The Eighties?

    In Germany we had Nena and Modern Talking :D And a lot of "Neue Deutsche Welle" (new wave). Also songs of the punk band "Die Ärzte" were very popular (beside this band stills very popular today)
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    Pandora als Kochbuch

    Dann müssen wir uns jetzt auch tätowieren? Die Pandora ist auch dahingehend praktisch, dass sie ein Kochbuch mit Hörbuchabspielfunktion ist. Geht super beim Kochen.
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    Compo4all Mame

    Das schöne ist auch das mittlerweile auch Microbes, Opentyrian und MiniMetalSlug mit dabei sind. Mein Kürzel ist DUM und ich bin bei den drei genannten dabei. MAME-Spiele habe ich noch icht zum Laufen bekommen. Aber es macht schon Laune gegen den Entwickler von Microbes (wb) anzutreten.
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    Release KAMI RETRO - half price weekend

    Same to me :D
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    [Applimulator ;)] apkenv + apkenv.ui

    What help is needed, "only" rebuilding modules or something else? Maybe I can try to help. Is there a overview which apps are being in "progress"?
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    Release KAMI RETRO - half price weekend

    Hm, don't know what it is. When I repeat drawing very fast, the little  man is jumping. The gesture particel trail looks correct to me. It's through or near the character.
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    Port Requests

    Very cool. Good luck.
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    Dropbox clone in Python

    An owncloud client would be nice.
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    Release KAMI RETRO - half price weekend

    @Steven I have the last firmware abd the drawing ofmy swip looks right. It's more like Gandi said, it seems very easy to miss the little guy. I will practice a little bit. But anyway i like the game.
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    Release KAMI RETRO - half price weekend

    seems I'm the only one having problems with the controls.
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    Release KAMI RETRO - half price weekend

    I bought it and try it for a half hour. My main problem is that it is only luck the little man is jumping. I barely beat the first level. Tried to do it like shown in the tutorial, but it only works every fifth time or so. Maybe it's my "skills"(same which doesn't allow to beat Microbes'...
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    [Original Game] Microbes!

    I believe you. But I doubt in my skills :-D
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    [Original Game] Microbes!

    A lot of to play. ;) I can't even beat the tutorial at hard + advance mode
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    [Applimulator ;)] apkenv + apkenv.ui

    I tried to have a look at some games of the last humble bundle for Android. All I need is a lot of time. To find the necessary function is easy, but to write wrapper functions take time.
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    What was the first game you serioiusly played on your pandora

    Microbes! The first game i played very long when i got my pandora in early january. Now playing it again for the highscore. ;)
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    MIcrobes! Want to beat _wb_'s Highscore. Uh he is so far away an the nineth level is so hard. But i will get you, oh yes :ph34r:
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    Port Requests

    @DREDD I'm not working on shadowgrounds. it was a joke, sorry. No time to wotk through tutorials and learning OpenGL\ES. Would be cool to give something back to the community, but in near future this will not happen. :( But i'm excited to see and play your port. :)