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    Faulty Pandora for Sale

    I sell my model 1 pandora. it is one of the very first models. this unit is stable at 890mhz screen works keyb works nubs somehow work (actually they never worked as smoothly as my PSP nubs...) both SD card slots work, tested with 2x16GB SDs motherboard works, and wifi, bt, usb ports, dc...
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    Real Cost Of Pandora-Like Mobo

    Raspberry Pi An ARM Linux box for $25. Take a byte! FAQs (updated!)When will the device be available to purchase? We anticipate the device will be available to the general public later in 2011 – at the moment that looks like November. How much will it cost? We...
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    Beta Port Requiest: Road Fighter

    anyone? Source Website Source Code
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    Hardware License

    beagleboard has Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License what kind of license pandora has? will we have in the future some kind of detailed manual like beagle?
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    Aux Wifi Connector

    So,I am making some wifi testing with external antennas. I made a small hole in the back of the case just where the antenna connector. My question is: is there a way to add an aux antenna like many other wifi cards have?
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    Are Pandora Components Available?

    Today I broke my pandora audio chip. I think it is the DA converter, or maybe the amp. Send the pandora to repair will have 2xshipping cost, plus the repair itself. I have some experience with solder, and if I could get the correct parts... So I would like to know if the pandora parts are...
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    Leather Case For Pandora

    hi! I am from Spain, and here there is a shop that makes leather cases for electronic devices, phones, pocket pc etc. (I am not related with them). I found this one With minor fixes will be perfect for pandoras. They are quality cases made of real leather...
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    Hurry Up - Psp2 On The Way,news-6823.html Next PSP 'F**king Powerful,' Packs 4-Core Cell CPU 12:00 AM - May 19, 2010 - By Jane McEntegart - Source : Tom's Guide US The next PSP won't be arriving until 2011 but here are a few tidbits of...
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    Ubuntu On Pandora

    I am new in this comunity, but fortunatelly I could order a pandora before they run out. It is a nice piece of hardware, I couldnt find anything simmilar on the market. but I am a bit worried about the OS. This is not related with the last news about wifi and movie HW acceleration, I am pretty...
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    Battery For Pandora

    hi everybody I want to suggest something for pandora. I work with this type of battery lithium polymer. they dont need steel case like the li-ion ones, so they are lighter. lipo stops charging when voltage = 4,2v when li-ion stops at 4,1 and thats the only difference when charging. there are a...