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    Beta The Mana World (Mmorpg)

    Hello ! Today i had a little spare time and tried a few emulators. I must say that in a few month we got a lot of exciting things :) This give me the desire to do something, so i ported (again) "The Mana World", a cool cross-platform mmorpg. Website : Download ...
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    Pandora Pandora Sdk Installer

    Note: Cpasjuste now recommends that you use the DJWillis toolchain. (source: post #70 in this thread) -Gruso -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, i did re-write my little pandora toolchain/sdk scripts for an easier...
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    Pmenu Skins Lost

    Really important for me: I'm really sorry, i did had a big problem with my server ( which was up since a few years now ). I had to backup it and reinstall, but completly forget to backup the ftp skin folder ... so : i do not have your skins anymore ! Please, reupload your skins here ...
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    Artist For Pmenu Skins Wanted

    Hello there ! I'm actually searching some people to make some pmenu ( my pandora minimal menu ) skins. I know that some people already said it's not the best design so far to make a skin but i did what i could with the time i have. Here is a linux i386 binary so people can see and test theire...
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    Gles2D, An Opengl(Es) Cross Platform 2D Library

    Hi ! I'm working for some time now on a 2D library for the pandora, which is now cross platform so we can build and run code on an i386 linux with an openGL based card. I'm actually releasing the first official release, only the i386 binary for now, so people can try it, report back problem's...
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    New (Crappy) Video

    Here is a preview of what i'm working on since a while : See you !
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    Libgles2d Test Release

    Hello, I wanted to upload an early version of my cross platform openGL 2D library so some people with a good knowledge could try it on theire desktop ( compiled on/for ubuntu i386 ) and say me what they think of it. Here is a link with a few exemple ...
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    Need Help (artist?) For My Gles 2d Library

    Hello, i would need some help for the project i'm currently working on. I'v writted a font rendering engine for my library, which use some textured fonts, based on the nehe openGL tutorials ( ). The problem is : i can't find any fonts...
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    Pandora Sdl 1.3, Glu And Nehe Opengl Tutorials For The Pandora

    Hello there ! After a lot of work, i finally successfully writed an OpenGL ES pandora driver for the upcoming SDL 1.3 library. The pandora video driver allow to use SDL 1.3 with OpenGL ES support under the framebuffer, but for now i didn't writed the input event part, so we need to add our own...
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    Release Battle For Wesnoth 1.6.2

    There is a few weeks back, i compiled wesnoth for the pandora, but it was an old version ( 1.4.6 ). I then hear around that latest wesnoth has a lot of great improvement, so i decided to give it a try. So here it is, latest stable wesnoth version (1.6.2) built for the pandora, and working...
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    Pmenu Help Wanted (graphists)

    Hi there, i'm still working on a minimal menu for the pandora, and i would like to get some help for making some skins. You can find a file with all the backgrounds/icons/stuff here : CODE So in red are the box that are really needed, and your...
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    Release Video : Pandora Menu Launching Applications

    Hi ! I would like to share the work i'v done so far on the pandora, i think this (crappy done with iphone) video should show that ! CODE
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    Pandora Pandora Toolchain Installer

    Here is a simple script i made to be able to download and install a pandora toolchain. It will download and install the "Sourcery G++ Lite 2007q3-51 for ARM GNU/Linux" toolchain, and some basic pandora libraries compiled by notaz (including SDL) for linux users (i386, intel and amd processors)...
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    Beta Stuff For Testing !

    I updated my pandora page with a NeoGeo emulator (GnGeo). This one works really great, full speed, but no gui for now (in the work). If someone (Mweston ? :) ) want to test it ... here is my pandora page : Edit : I'v also updated the snes emulator, change...
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    Pandora Vids : Some Things I'm Working On

    Hi, here is a few (crappy) videos i made to show a part of the work i'v done on the pandora, including a wesnoth compilation, snes9x port, powermanga and tecnoballz compilation. Note that the snes port run at full speed, without any optimization or HW acceleration ...
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    Beta Patari

    Here is a great Atari 520 emulator compiled for the pandora, ready to play with when you'll get a pandora board :)
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    Beta Psms

    Here is a fast port of SMS emulator to the pandora, with a crappy GUI : If someone have a pandora board, feel free to test it :)
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    Tecnoballz Port

    After the PSP, here is the GP2X port of the tecnoballz arkanoid like game :) A dirty readme and download link, with sources like always, on my crappy webblog :) Or a direct one ...
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    Few General Questions

    Hi, i have made some crappy applications and ports for the PSP, and i would like to go on the gp2x. I have just buy one from play-asia that will arrive soon. It's why i would like to have one or two answers : - What is the better toolchain with the most up to date libs to use on linux. - What...