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    Problem With Starting Up Gp2x

    Ok rolling back to 2.0 and updating to 2.1 fixed it. Thanks.
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    Problem With Starting Up Gp2x

    Yes the previous version was 2.0. At first i forgot to press start & select and saw the patching screen so i shut down my GP2X, i did it correctly after that.
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    Problem With Starting Up Gp2x

    I havent used my GP2X in a couple of months and recently decided to update and play around with it. After it went past the "Firmware Updating" screen the green loading screen came up showing my new version "2.1.0." I am unable to go past this screen, I tried restarting many times and its stuck...
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    Get Laid With Psp...(never Get Laid With A Gp2x)

    He probably knocked her over with a PSP. And then... you know, whatever is done to women in order to have "Sex" with them.
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    Xcom Port

    There is UFO: Defense for Amiga which is currently emulated and the game itself is playabe. However, its slow(that the way i see it, if you like playing with 1-4fps you can go ahead.)
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    Xgp Compatibility

    They are not "dolls," those are infact russian women.
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    Hu6280 Alpha V0.2

    Sorry in advance if i misunderstood anything, but do we not have the PC-Engine emulator already?
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    Gamepark At E3 (with Xgp)

    Crazy orientals, writing with question marks all over their website (lol, joke.)
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    Gp2x Or Ds With Homebrew

    Ohh? Quoted from Wikipedia: "The [Nintendo DS] 3D hardware performs transform and lighting, texture-coordinate transformation, texture mapping, alpha blending, anti-aliasing, cel shading and z-buffering. However, it lacks any kind of texture filtering, leading to some titles having a blocky...
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    First Payback Rolling Demo

    It runs at a playable speed i think. I wonder why the textures on the buildings distort that way.
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    Vektar On The 2.0 Firmware Nand

    Umm Vektar, i believe, is based on Grid Wars 1&2. Download it here: I think the one on the GP2X is really bad, due to the joystick. Try it for the PC, it is waaaaaay better.
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    Gp2x + Wifi Sd Card

    I dont think its probable, wouldnt the WiFi card take up the SD slot? Therefore you cant put your SD card in, and would have to load off of NAND.
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    Free 128mb Sd Card

    I use shutterfly anyways to do my prints, so i gave the real info since im registered already.
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    This was discussed before. The answer is maybe, if anyone is interested enough.
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    New Xgp Pictures

    Looks really nice. I wonder if it will be any good.
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    GP2X Gp2x Metronome

    You can tune the guitar(or other instruments) by sound, so the GP2X has to play E-B-G-D-A-E.
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    Usb Host On Firmware 1.4????

    What about a portable HDD/MP3 player(an iAudio M3) which tends to recharge when hosted?
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    Is it possible to post screenies of stuff working?
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    Boot Time Poll

    I got one for 18 seconds and another 26 seconds. Running version 1.1.0.
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    Dosbox Is This Possible

    So, whos porting the CatMilker2X? Or is there no source? I need to milk them cats.