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    Wiz Pocketsnes V7.0 (Video)

    This is a video of the upcoming PocketSnes v7.0 emulator that is being done for the gp32spain competition. I don't know all the details, but the original thread is here. It seems like a very nice improvement. From what I've been gathering, there have been a lot of improvements put into the...
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    Sdhc Classes On The Wiz

    I have a Sandisk 8gb class 2 card. I also have a 4gb non classed SDHC card. Both seem to make no difference in speed for file transferring or in emulators like GnGeo or FBA2X. I was wondering if there are hardware limitations with the transfer speed of SDHC on the Wiz. Will getting a higher...
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    Fba2X And .fba Files

    I have recently been running FBA2X for the wiz to run all the NeoGeo games. The problem I'm having and I'm sure it's for everyone is that huge .fba games like 90+ meg ones for KOF2003 and Metal Slug 3 run slow as ass. I tried it off of my SD card and NAND. What I want to know is if others are...
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    Problems With Picodrive 1.56 And Wolfteam Cd Games

    I have recently been having issues with all the Wolfteam games. They were always working fine. Honestly I haven't played them much since I got my Wiz. However they were working perfectly fine on the GP2X. I know they need the better sync enabled to run. I have tried different rips of my CD...
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    Fba Wiz Cache Files

    OK I never had a problem with cache files on the gp2x. For this version of fba though I can't get some games to work with the cache files. I know the .fba files just go in the roms folder. The cache files are working correctly for Guwange and a couple other games. My real question is the...
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    Power Switch Issue

    For a good while now I have been having an issue with my power switch. I have to be really careful when turning on my GP2X. If I put the switch all the way down in the on position it will start at the GP2X logo then the screen will get all garbled after the gp2x sound plays. I have to barely...
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    Why So Little Interest In The Wiz?

    Looking at this forum there is very little talk about the new "upgrade" device from GPH. Go over the the Pandora forum and there's at least 15 topics that have posts for today. I was just wondering why there is so little interest "on a gp32/2x forum for the Wiz. Are there that many people...
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    Uae On Wiz

    I am sorry if this was already discussed, but my search didn't turn anything up on this. I know that the gp2x UAE was compiled by Notaz that Evil Dragon showed a video of running on the Pandora. Quite nice. Has anyone with a wiz prototype compiled it to run on the Wiz. I was just curious to...
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    Mame And Pulstar

    I know Pulstar works fine in GNGEO but I have stuttering issues, because of slow SD card access. I know MAME plays this game, but how are people running it? Mame doesn't use the graphics dump cache files. Do I somehow need to allocate more ram to be used with MAME? Any help would be greatly...
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    Need Rage2x 0.8.7

    If anyone can help me track down a version of RAGE2x 0.8.7 I would greatly appreciate it. I need it because I want to use GNGEO2X 0.6.12. The reason is because it is the last version to do Rasters decently. I have used the regular selector, but it forces me use the uni-bios. Also I tried...
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    Meloncoke Paint Program

    I don't have an F200, but I frequent this Japanese GP2X site quite often. Meloncoke has released a nice little app for the F200. It's a small little paintbrush program. Just thought it was interesting for anyone with a new F200.
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    Freedo On The Gp2x Soon!

    Over at it look like the author of the 3DO emulator just released a Dreamcast version and is now working on a GP2X port. I'm not sure how well the emu will run on the GP2X, but the fact that it's being ported is quite nice. I wish the author and others helping...
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    Nec Pc98

    I have played the one on the psp. It's a port of Neko Project 2. It runs fairly well, just a bit slow. I was wondering if anyone was ever thinking about porting an NEC PC98 emulator to the GP2X, or if it's even possible. I'm thinking most documentation on it is probably in japanese, but...
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    Mamegp2x System-16

    I have noticed that a few system-16 games in MAMEGP2X freeze. Altered Beast and Golden Axe are the main ones. Altered Beast feezes right when your character comes onto the screen. In Golden Axe it's right after you select a character. The romsets load with no errors. I also tried them in...
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    Gp2xengine Overclocking

    Hi all! I've been making overclocking scripts for my programs in the new FW 2.0. All of them are fine, but with gp2xengine it already has overclocking enabled in the emulator up to 266. Is it possible for me to make a script to overclock it to 285mhz or greater, or will the gp2xengine's...