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    Need to get caught up on Games

    Hey All, I've been on a hiatus from my Pandora for the past few months, at least in terms of software.  Some of my favorite games on the Pandora were/are Forget-Me-Not (ZxDunny hit the ball out of the park on this port), Super Geometry Dust, and PewPew 2 (Sebt3 did this great port IIRC). My...
  2. Link Getting TV-Out Cables

    Hey Gang! FYI, earlier this week EvilDragon sent me a stock of TV-Out cables for the Open Pandora.  For anyone who was waiting to get them from, now is the time. We'll get them out as soon as they arrive to all who...
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    GCW-Zero SE

    For anyone interested in ordering a GCW-Zero SE in North America have a gander over at: If you want to pay via PayPal, PM me or use the contact button on the website.  We'll be updating the shop shortly with a non-PayPal/Google solution for credit card payments.
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    Sentinel X Aluminum cache on Kickstarter

    These folks in Hawaii make some high quality products. The Ti2 Sentinel X is a no compromise, hard anodized, aluminum, lightweight, water-tight, large format cache for storing critical items and, in a pinch, can be used...
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    Spark Canadian Public Radio airs Retro Gaming stories

    The Whole Show: Separated:,%202383143892,%202383144157,%202383144265,%202383144360,%202383144578,%202383150459 You'll want to listen to Game On 2.0, Lost in Emulation, &...
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    "It's Dangerous to Go Alone" Movie on Kickstarter Looks interesting. 
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    PAX East Newcomers

    Hey all, Just wanted to start a thread for PAX East new Pandorians and those who might have stopped by to express concerns about upgrading, outstanding UK orders, or just finding the community after researching the project. I'd value responses from attendees, other exhibits or developers who...
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    The PowerBase will be reviewing the Open Pandora These folks will be doing a review of the Open Pandora on their site post PAX-East.  There is some other potential good news, but it isn't definite, so I'll leave you all in suspense temporarily.
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    Dave Grohl: Music Visionary I've respected him since Nirvana.  I liked him with the Foo Fighters (and as the original Foo Fighter).  I was a huge fan of Sunny Day Real Estate until he stole some of them.    His advocacy for bands like Queens of...
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    How's this for a display?
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    Hemp Case for P2

    I was at the Green Festival in San Francisco a few months back and was also there in 2010.  Ford was talking about hemp use for internal components in 2010.  Also Lotus has been using it as well:
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    Power consumption? WiFi vs USB

    I am too lazy to search this out. Am I better off battery life wise using the internal wifi chip or a USB Dongle?  I have been carrying a dongle more often as I usually have better connections that are more stable than wifi. I am sure it has been asked before and I probably forgot the answer.
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    Olive Cloud/Audio Hub Curious to see what you all think of this product.
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    FOSDEM: Who's going?

    I really had a great time last year and am thinking about going back.  Definitely not missing the Friday night beer event this year. 
  15. Link US/Canada Open Pandora Platinum ReBirth Edition & 1GHZ Free US Shipping UPS Ground

    Not really sure where my old post(s) went? $479 Rebirth Edition Open Pandora in Platinum casing $609 1GHz Edition Open Pandora in Platinum casing Prices include fees and UPS Ground Shipping within the US. Units ship within 24 hours Monday-Friday normally. All other goods listed at...
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    Dead Touchscreen?

    Hey all, Just had a customer report in that their touchscreen stopped working. I had them reflash the unit, and still no go. Anyone have any idea on troubleshooting this, is it common? I'm going to have the person RMA the unit but was hoping there is a way to prevent that process. I...
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    Street Fighter X Mega Man reveal trailer
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    YouToo Open Pandora Ads? They'll advertise business, now to find a video guy that can put the Pandora into a 30 second clip?
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    1GHz Edition Sticker & New LCD Cables

    Just got a shipment in from ED & Askarus and noticed two interesting things. 1. New Units have a 2nd sticker inside the battery compartment indicating the units are "1GHz Edition". A very nice addition for those of us lucky enough to juggle multiple Pandoras over the course of a day. 2. I...
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    Kickstarter for LA Game Space This looks like a fun idea for any random warehouse anywhere. Not a big fan of LA personally, but regardless.