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  1. mindlord

    Ethernet adapter

    Try -  sudo mousepad /etc/network/interfaces add the following to the bottom auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp that should auto-connect whenever eth0 is available and connected.
  2. mindlord

    Best 2 Player co-op Games

    I love this topic! I'm constantly on the hunt for games to play with Wife. recently changed their searches to basically only show current gen stuff and I find searching for classic games impossible.
  3. mindlord

    Zikzak - crummiest 8bit console/computer ever .. but I'm making it!

    So this is kind of neat. It's a similar project built around a 6809
  4. mindlord

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your year has be blessed and may the year to come bring as much if not more joy!
  5. mindlord

    Aluminium Case ready for preorder! (2014-07-18)

    I so very much would like to have one. I really wish I could. Money is just too tight right now.
  6. mindlord

    Zikzak - crummiest 8bit console/computer ever .. but I'm making it!

    Congratulations Jeff. It's been so fun watching you bring this device to life.
  7. mindlord

    Help with PC on TV/Steam Big Picture

    Should be sufficient. If you have an NVidia card you can go into the NVidia control panel and configure the video card to favor "Single Display" mode. That should squeeze and extra frame or two out of your setup. Some video cards do not carry audio over HDMI. Especially the ones that require a...
  8. mindlord

    Help with PC on TV/Steam Big Picture

    If it's Windows then it will be in the display preferences in the control panel. The same place you go to change your screen resolution. Sent from my One using Tapatalk
  9. mindlord

    Help with PC on TV/Steam Big Picture

    Sounds like your computer is "Extending" your desktop to the newly detected display. You'll need to configure your display settings so that the TV is the "Primary" Display device, or set your configuration to "Clone."
  10. mindlord

    bash recusive copy script help

    Unless I'm missing something here, why not use cp -R for recursive copying of the folder and it's contents?
  11. mindlord

    Switching HDMI inputs = green screen?

    Just a guess, but... Sat receivers and Blue Ray players will often poll the HDMI connection for voltage drops. This is part of the DRM feature that will make the screen dim in and out when you try to record a Pay-Per-View or Blue Ray movie to another medium. I can't guarantee this is part of...
  12. mindlord

    Pyra, wacom support?

    There are opensource drivers for wacom devices "xf86-input-wacom" in the Debian mainline. I don't see why this device couldn't be made to work for the Pyra. It would probably work simply by installing them from the repo. See here. Edit: Wrong link.
  13. mindlord

    256GB Lexar SDXC for $19.99?!!!??!!! And free shipping?!! Is this even true?

    This.... Is likely a scam... Good luck though.
  14. mindlord

    Yet another HD Remake

    Basically it's the same thing that happening in Hollywood. They are just out of ideas. We in the US have raised a generation on unimaginative hacks who are only motivated by money. Why hire a writing team when you can just slap a fresh coat of paint on an old Intellectual Property?
  15. mindlord

    Hey, where do downloads go on pandora?

    @char - Yes. Somewhere like: /media/SDCARD/pandora/appdata/firefox_hdonk note: SDCARD is the name of your SD Card, and it may not actually be firefox_hdonk, but something every similar. I don't have my Pandora right next to me to verify.
  16. mindlord

    How does Batch 1 units compare the the 1GHZ unit?

    If it's a rebirth there's not a whole lot of difference. If it's a 256MB First Batch, well. It's more than just emulation. The extra RAM makes a pretty big impact on quite a few tasks. I wish I had a 1GHZ sometimes, but for the most part I'm quite happy with my First Batch Pandora. It really...
  17. mindlord

    Where to find old Superhero comics..?

    Many antique stores seem to have small stashes of comics that aren't good enough to be in big collections. I've seen quite a bit of B-Series comics in the ones around where I live.
  18. mindlord

    Novice Linux user questions.

    Re: Links The grey screen is normal. Pressing "g" for go will bring up a place to enter a URL.
  19. mindlord

    One reason to get the EvilDragon Signed PCB..

    Forget the microphone. Gimme that Model M in the background. :D I need it for spare parts in case mine dies. 
  20. mindlord

    Multi Emulation Super System (MESS) in a browser?

    Why yes, you can do that these days.   While quite a few systems won't even boot, some work really well. I played a few CoCo games, and the Apple //c playes Oregon Trail pretty well.